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Raspbian, The Raspberry Pi OS, Updated With Interface And Performance Improvements

Raspbian, the de facto operating system on the Raspberry Pi, got a big update today. The update’s based on the most recent version of Debian, called “Jessie,” and brings along a bunch of minor interface tweaks and performance improvements.

Get Started With Windows 10 On The Raspberry Pi With These Guides

The special Raspberry Pi version of Windows 10 is a cool way to create Internet of Things devices, but it’s a little baffling to use if you’re a beginner. Adafruit created a starter pack that also happens to include a bunch of free, public guides to learning how to do everything.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A Wireless FM Microphone

Wireless microphones give you the freedom to move around while amplifying your voice, but they can be incredibly expensive. With a Raspberry Pi, a few cheap components and a radio, you can create one for a lot less.

Build An Automated Birdwatching Camera With A Raspberry Pi

If you have a birdhouse in your yard, you could spend days sitting around with binoculars waiting to see what cool little inhabitants come by. Or you can take Instructables user Sebelectronique’s lead and build a Raspberry Pi-powered camera inside a birdhouse.

Build An All-In-One Desktop Case For A Raspberry Pi

If you use your Raspberry Pi as a regular computer a lot, you might be looking for a more permanent case for it. Adafruit has put together a guide for a premium case that packs in the monitor and all the components.

Build A Dash Cam With A Raspberry Pi, Two Cameras And GPS

Dash cams are a cool, easy way to record everything you see out your windshield, but they vary wildly in price and quality. If you want to really customise your own, you can make one with a Raspberry Pi.

Build Some Awesome Motion-Controlled Servos With A Raspberry Pi

If you’ve ever wanted to magically make something move with a wave of your hand, this Raspberry Pi project can make it happen.

Use An Old Kindle To Share Messages On The Fridge Electronically

Sure, writing a note on a piece of paper and plopping a magnet on it to stick it to a refrigerator works perfectly fine. But if you have an old Kindle around and want an over-engineered, but fun new way to leave fridge messages, DIYer Pete Vojtek shows you how to display notes on a Kindle.

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Lets You Make Your Own Tablet

It has been a few years in the making, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally launched a touchscreen for its eponymous single-board miniature computer. The frame comes in different colours. Here are the technical specifications for the touchscreen.

Everything You Need To Automatically Start Programs On Your Electronic Projects

Whether you’re working with the Raspberry Pi, an Arduino or a Beaglebone, a lot of the time you’ll want to load up programs automatically on boot. There are a variety of ways to do so, but Adafruit guides you through the best practices for each device.

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