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Everything That Does And Doesn't Work With The New Raspberry Pi

A new model of the Raspberry Pi was released this month that comes packed with more ports and uses less power. While the price has remained the same, a few things have changed that make external hardware work differently. Ladyada has a breakdown of everything that matters.

Make A Chromecast-Hijacking Rickrolling Device Out Of A Raspberry Pi

Chances are you bought your Raspberry Pi for something useful like a car diagnostics tool or a wireless router. Right now, we’d rather use it for something more fun. Like a device that hijacks any Chromecasts in the area and rickrolls them.

MusicBox Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into A Music Streaming Powerhouse

When we first mentioned MusicBox a little over a year ago, it had the modest goal of turning your Raspberry Pi into a Spotify server. Now, it supports more services and file types.

The Raspberry Pi B+ Adds More Ports And Features, Consumes Less Power

We love the Raspberry Pi, and it gets even better today with the unveiling of the Raspberry Pi Model B+. The B+ packs four USB ports, a microSD slot, improved audio output, lower power consumption and more, all for the same price as the Model B.

Add A Virtual Keyboard To A Raspberry Pi

We’ve shown off a few different Raspberry Pi projects that use touchscreens in the past, but one of the problems with them is that you still have to connect them to a full keyboard. DIY enthusiast Ozzmaker shows off how to add a virtual keyboard to any Pi project using a touchscreen so you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Mobile Game System

The Raspberry Pi makes an excellent game system already, but it’s not exactly mobile. If you want to take it on the road with you, Adafruit has a guide to build a Game Boy-inspired game system on the cheap.

HummingBoard Is A Dual-Core, Upgradeable Rival To The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is undoubtedly a flexible device for the hobbyist and even if you’re not really into fiddling about with a credit-card sized computer, you can’t help but admire its staggeringly high levels of raw nifty. If you’ve been holding out though for something more powerful with better features, you might want to check out SolidRun’s “HummingBoard”.

Power A Car Diagnostics System With A Raspberry Pi

Newer cars sport an OBD port where you can access real time data from all your car’s sensors. DIYer studio CowFish wanted live access to this data, so they built a system with a Raspberry Pi that reads the data and displays it on a screen built into the dash.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A Bluetooth Receiver For Your Car Stereo

If you have an older car without Bluetooth built into it, it’s an expensive upgrade to add. Redditor parkerlreed decided to create his own system using a Raspberry Pi.

Build A Raspberry Pi Remote Servo Cam You Can Control From Anywhere

The Raspberry Pi already makes a pretty great computer for a webcam, but if you want to control what that Pi is looking at, you’ll need actual movement. Make has a guide to having the Pi control a camera with servomotors.