raspberry pi

Roll Your Own VPN With A Raspberry Pi And OpenVPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network secures your internet connection from prying eyes and is critical for many of us (especially when travelling or using unsecured wireless networks). With this Raspberry Pi project, you control the VPN.

Command Pi Monitors Your Raspberry Pi From Your Phone

iPhone: Are you looking for a lightweight and simple way to monitor your Raspberry Pi? Command Pi is a utility that allows you to monitor your Pi’s memory usage, temperature and more right from your iPhone.

Jasper Adds Voice Control To Your Raspberry Pi Projects

Adding voice control to your DIY projects is a great way to make them more powerful, but it’s not exactly an easy process. Jasper is an open source, Raspberry Pi-connected, always-on platform to add voice control to your projects pretty easily.

Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Face Recognition Lockbox

Want to protect your valuables but don’t feel like carrying around a key or remembering a combination? Make has a guide for building a Raspberry Pi-powered system that unlocks itself with face recognition.

The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic device and the fact that it’s open source means that all kinds of great accessories exist for it. These are some of the best Raspberry Pi accessories for your DIY projects.

Ask LH: What's The Best Device For Emulating My Retro Games?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to build an emulation station for retro gaming, but there are so many options! Custom PC, Raspberry Pi, Android tablet… Which is the best? What are the pros and cons of each?

Start A Pirate Radio Station With A Raspberry Pi And A Single Wire

Ever wanted to start your own pirate radio station to broadcast your tunes over FM? Make shows how you can do it with just a Raspberry Pi and a single piece of wire.

Make A Portable Raspberry Pi Power Supply From An Old Drill Battery

The Raspberry Pi is small and doesn’t consume a lot of power, but it lacks portability. If you’re looking for a lot of juice on-the-go, Make shows you how to convert an old battery pack from a cordless drill to power the Raspberry Pi.

The Adafruit PiTFT Makes Adding A Touchscreen To A Raspberry Pi Easy

We’ve seen a lot of Raspberry Pi projects that would benefit from a touchscreen, but it’s generally not that cost effective to add one on your own. At $US35, Adafruit’s tiny PiTFT screen is a reasonable solution.

Overclocking A Raspberry Pi To 1.5GHz Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

With a custom operating system and the right package installed, it’s not hard to get a Raspberry Pi running at 1GHz, up from its stock speed of 700MHz. But going beyond that? It is possible, but the gear required cancels out two of the main benefits of the device — its portability and silent running.