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Build A Little Text-to-Speech Machine With A Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted your Raspberry Pi to talk to you? Adafruit has a guide for adding speech synthesis to a Pi so it can say all kinds of things.

How To Add A Wi-Fi Board To A Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a fantastically affordable single-board computer, but its (roughly) $20 price point means that it doesn’t pack quite as many connectivity options as some of its more powerful siblings, which come with Ethernet ports.

Make A Baby Monitor From An Old Camera And Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a device of a thousand guises — this time around it’s a baby monitor concealed inside a pleasing exterior. Instructables user PitsLamp has all the information you need to construct your own. All you have to do is sort out the materials (and the time to build it).

Build A Dashboard That Displays Any Data You Can Imagine With A Raspberry Pi

Whether it’s keeping track of your computer’s memory usage or displaying information about the weather, dashboards are a fun way to track information. Adafruit shows off a way to build one using a Raspberry Pi that can track all kinds of data.

Build A Super-Powered Mobile Gaming Device With A Raspberry Pi 2

The original Raspberry Pi-powered PiGrrl put together by Adafruit is a wonderful way to take your retro gaming on the go, but the two-button setup was a bit limiting. Now, Adafruit’s back with a new version.

Raspberry Pi: Which Model Should You Buy?

About four years ago now, we got our first glimpse of the Raspberry Pi. An instant hit with homebrew tinkerers and the education community, the UK-developed single-board computer was marked by its portability (roughly the size of a credit card), affordability (typically around $40 in Australia) and of course all the insanely cool stuff you could use it for. We compare the three main models on the market: the Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Model B+ and Raspberry Pi Zero.

Build A Smart Calendar And Notification Centre With A Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen a Raspberry Pi combined with a cheap LCD screen to create a smart calendar before, but Instructables user ozua takes it a step further with a family agenda, weather forecasts, local events, and even live transport info.

The Kano Screen Kit Is A Fun To Build, Compact Display For The Raspberry Pi

We’re all surrounded by screens, but few of us know how they really work. If you’re looking to teach your kids how displays work (or learn for yourself!) and you need a display for a Raspberry Pi, the Kano Screen Kit is a reasonably priced, portable, dedicated display that you build yourself.

Build A Magic Mirror With A Raspberry Pi And An Old Monitor

One of the trademark devices in nearly every Hollywood blockbuster version of the future is a smart mirror that shows off a daily schedule, clock, weather, and other important updates. Blogger Dylan Pierce built his own powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Zero Into Just About Any USB Device You Can Imagine

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a pretty low key little device, but the folks over at Adafruit figured out that it’s possible to turn the Zero into a USB device, which means it can be used to make a number of electronics, ranging from an ethernet device to a camera.

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