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RetroPie 3.0 Adds Automatic Controller Configuration, Wi-Fi Setup, And More

RetroPie is our favourite image for turning your Raspberry Pi into a retro video game station, and today it gets a bunch of great features.

Use A Raspberry Pi As A Google Play Frontend

Google Play’s a pretty simple way to get access to all your music. If you’re looking to build a little standalone machine for playing that music, GitHub user fredley created a simple little front end that’s easy to use.

Rebroadcast Internet Radio On FM With A Raspberry Pi

Internet radio’s great, but you need an internet connected device to listen to it. If you have an old radio sitting around and you want to listen to some tunes, Make shows you how to rebroadcast those stations on the FM band using a Raspberry Pi.

Hack A Kindle Into A Fridge Messageboard

If you’ve got an otherwise unused Kindle and a Raspberry Pi, it’s actually quite simple to turn it into an easy fridge messageboard.

Make A Gigantic Wooden GameBoy (Because Why Not?)

If you’ve got a thing for wood and retro gaming, here’s a hack made just for you.

Build A Split-Screen, Raspberry Pi-Powered Portable Retro Game Station

We’ve seen all kinds ofportable retro game consoles over the years, but Thingiverse user Jooxoe3i’s project manages to make the smallest device we’ve seen yet using a Raspberry Pi.

Make Your Own DIY Hue-Style Light

The Philips Hue is a neat little lighting option, but one thing it is not is cheap. So why not build your own Hue-style lighting rig from a Raspberry Pi?

Build Your Own NES With 3D Printing And A Raspberry Pi

One of the first things people did with the Raspberry Pi was make emulators for all their favourite retro games. But now that 3D printing is on the up and up, we’re seeing more professional-looking outer cases, too. Not only is this one fantastic, but all the information on how to make one yourself has been included.

Build A Temperature And Humidity Monitor With A Raspberry Pi

Looking to monitor the temperature and humidity in your house? Instructables user wpnsmith shows off how to build a monitoring system with a Raspberry Pi.

Ten Of Our Favourite Raspberry Pi Projects

There’s no end to the purposes you can put a Raspberry Pi to. Here’s ten of our favourite projects for the popular and tiny computer.

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