McDonald's Fancy 'Create Your Taste' Burgers Are Now Available Everywhere

Late last year, McDonald’s Australia introduced its first Create Your Taste restaurant: a premium dining experience focusing on gourmet ingredients, sit-down service and burger customisation via in-store touch screens. The system is now available in every McDonald’s restaurant across the country. That was quick.

When we last reported on McDonald’s Create Your Taste concept, there was a grand total of four outlets to choose from. As of last week, Create Your Taste burgers are being offered in all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. (You can find the closest to you here.)

In place of quick, in-and-out service and cheap food, the “Create Your Taste” experience boasts a touch screen kiosk where customers can create their own burgers from more than 30 ingredients. Many of these toppings are not available on the standard menu, such as pineapple, grilled mushrooms and four types of cheese.

If it’s been a while since you ventured into a McDonald’s restaurant, this video will give you an idea of what to expect:

You can also read our in-depth taste test here. (TLDR; While a bit pricey for fast food, it’s the best McDonald’s burger I’ve tasted by a significant margin. We just wish there was beer on the menu, like at Grill’d.)

We’re keen to hear what our readers think of McDonald’s DIY reinvention. Are the Create Your Taste burgers worth the money? Do you prefer them to McDonald’s standard menu? Or is the whole concept a disastrous misfire that falls between two very different stools? Share your opinion in the comments!

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