Foodie Alert: McDonald's Gourmet 'Build-A-Burger' Stores Are Spreading!

Last year, we taste-tested McDonald's first deluxe burger store in Castle Hill, NSW. In stark contrast to other McDonald's outlets, the restaurant provides premium ingredients, fancy dine-in service and a "Build-A-Burger" touch menu system. Since then, the Golden Arches has been spreading its upmarket experiment around the country. Here are the stores that have received the gourmet makeover thus far...

In a bid to claw back some of its lost market share, McDonald's is embarking in a bold reinvention of everything it previously stood for. In place of quick, in-and-out service and cheap food, the "Create Your Taste" experience boasts a touch screen kiosk where customers can create their own burgers from more than 30 ingredients. Many of these toppings are not available on the standard menu, such as pineapple, grilled mushrooms and four types of cheese. There's also a stronger emphasis on tabled service, with meals delivered on dinky wooden platters. (You can read our impressions of the maiden store here.)

Since we tested the initial Castle Hill location, McDonald's has opened a pair of additional stores based on the same principle. We've listed them below:

  • Craigieburn North in Melbourne
  • Waitara in Northern Sydney
  • Castle Hill, Sydney

    While it's still early days, McDonald's has committed itself to a nation-wide rollout with more stores expected to pop up in the coming months. You can keep an eye on how the expansion is going by bookmarking McDonald's Create Your Own Taste page.

    If any readers have spotted additional Create Your Own Taste stores, let us know the location in the comments!


    It is still horrible.
    I wish Chipotle or similar would open up here instead.

      Maccas in Arena Shopping Centre, Officer, Vic. The second in Vic with create your own taste facility.

      Guzman y Gomez is the closest to Chipotle in oz

        id say mad mex is closer, it has the whole subway select what you want style
        gomez you just order off the menu

    no matter how you dress it up, its still macdonalds burgers made from macdonalds ingredients

    all of the haters above haven't tried obviously...
    i think hornsby nsw is also selling this new gourmet range too

    Will never be as good as a gourmet and/or pub burger.

    Tried a burger and chips at a place I'm footscray called 8bit. Best burger I have ever had.

    I tried the one at Towerhill Victoria (2 Golfl Links Frankston 3199) twice, it was surprisingly good. I made my own burger and everything, it was more expensive but it was a better burger. No sides, just the brioche bun with whatever fillings you want.

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