Inside McDonald's 'Create Your Taste' Futuristic Restaurant [Video]

The "Create Your Taste" kiosk is a new initiative from McDonald's that allows customers to build their own high-end burgers on special touch screens. There are over 30 premium ingredients to choose from (including two types of bacon) and customers can have their creations served to them via fancy table service. Last week, we tried out the new ordering system and documented the whole thing on video. If you're curious about the McDonald's of the future, here's what to expect.

The above video was filmed at McDonald's main Castle Hill store in NSW. Currently, the service is only available from this location, but the company plans to install "Create Your Taste" kiosks in multiple outlets around the country. The aim is to have it in every McDonald's restaurant by 2016.

The centrepiece of this intriguing new service is a giant touch screen where customers can access premium burger toppings that aren't available on the regular menu. Once you’ve made your selection you can pay for it instantly via an inbuilt credit card terminal. You’re then presented with a receipt and invited to sit down as your meal is freshly prepared and served to you on a wooden platter.

We plumped for a single Angus patty with lettuce, tomato, egg, smoked Applewood bacon, red onion rings, jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, chilli jam and four types of cheeses. Behold, and slaver:

All in all, we were pretty impressed with the service and are definitely keen to try it again. For more information about what's involved and to find out what the burger tasted like, check out our in-depth Taste Test article.


    Wouldn't it be easier for them to make it an app instead of putting kiosks in every store?

      Control's the flow of orders, this way they cant get too pumped with oprders and have people waiting for ages.

    That's exactly how you can order at McDonalds at CDG, (Paris Airport)

    i thought it looked super expensive until i saw the burger and was like omfg. please tell you you didn't eat that whole thing >

      Are you implying that's a very large burger? Because it really isn't.

        was more referring to how soggy and gross it looks lol.

          Lol I actually think it looks pretty good apart from the sauce

            looks nice than most of the food from a McDonalds. at least the vegetables used look real.


    Last edited 18/06/15 9:27 am

      Like money?

      Agreed, but no different to handling your own cash or even eftpos card to a degree.

    "premium burger toppings that aren’t available on the regular menu" If you know, you can ask and we'll likely be able to add it to any burger through the POS we use,that allows you to add any ingredients we currently are using to any burger. Tartar sauce and angus patty on your big mac? Go for it, likely the same will go for the premium toppings.

    in the video you selected take out and the meal was brought to you in an apparent eat in format. why is this?

    How many of those are in each store because if there is not 9 + it will get really crowded

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