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Have you ever gone to type the degree symbol (i.e. - °) only to realise it's not actually on your keyboard? How about the up arrow, division sign or British pound?

It turns out all of these symbols are just a quick keyboard shortcut away. Here are 23 to commit to memory - plus letters with accents!


Doing stuff with your mouse is cool. Doing stuff with your keyboard is cooler. These are the most important keyboard shortcuts, ranked from best to worst. (Unless noted, we've listed the Windows shortcuts; Mac users substitute Cmd for Ctrl.) With one exception, despite any flaws, all the shortcuts below are fundamentally good.


God I love content-aware fill. At Lifehacker I frequently want to illustrate a post with an image that’s not wide enough (like above). So I throw it into Photoshop, I expand the canvas size, I select the new blank parts on the sides, and I hit cmd+option+F.


Few things are more frustrating than having your browser freeze while you’re streaming or surfing or having your messenger app lock up mid-rant. So what to do if you’re confronted with the spinning beach ball of death on your Mac and the application you’re using isn’t responding?


Since the late 1980s, when the mouse became the main way people invoked actions from the applications they use, the art of the keyboard shortcut has slowly disappeared. I started using a PC in the time when a pointing device was an expensive option on laptops.

So, I became pretty adept at using keyboard shortcuts. But it turns out the creators of our software still include them even though we are more likely to use a touchpad, mouse or touchscreen these days. What are some of the lesser known keyboard shortcuts you can use with Windows?


Of course, you may not need all 60 of these, but knowing them will make you flexible, fast, and ready to work with whatever tool you're presented with, whether it's a Windows PC, a Mac, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Powerpoint slideshow. Plus, there are extras in here for Gmail and Chrome to boot.


Mac: Here’s a silly shortcut that will come in handy some day. In some apps, ⌘-. does the same thing as the escape key. So if that key is broken, or your stupid Touch Bar is hiding your stupid virtual escape key, or your hands can’t reach the corner of your keyboard, or you just like the ergonomics better, then go for it.


We wrote about Vimium, the Chrome extension that adds customisable keyboard shortcuts, back in 2010 and 2012. But I think we buried the lede: If you install Vimium, you can open links without using your mouse, and without hitting the tab key over and over.


Whether you're doing some Spanish homework or exchanging jokes with your French-speaking amoureux, nailing spelling in a foreign language is pretty important if you're trying to get your point across without looking like a dunce. Adding accents is easy now, thanks to improved keyboard controls on nearly every device. No matter what phone, laptop, or desktop you're on, you can add accented characters pretty easily, as long as you know where to look.


Looking up directions on Google Maps is a little clunky on the desktop. You have to select your starting location, your destination and your method of transport. But if you're on Chrome, you can build three shortcuts to get directions right from the address bar, without a single click.