Master The Command Line For Better Productivity

Master The Command Line For Better Productivity

Although awesome, keyboard shortcuts will only get you so far. If you truly want to harness the real power of your computer you need to take it to the command line. This week, learn to use it like a master.

Get A Great Terminal Emulator

All operating systems offer a command prompt, but that doesn’t mean the built-in version is the best. We’ve taken a look at the many alternatives and found great options for Windows, Mac and Linux. For basic tasks, the built-in systems are sufficient, but as your command line skills develop, you may find the additional features of a third-party option (or just some enhancements) help you get things done faster.


Learn Command Line Basics

The command line works similarly regardless of what operating system you use, but there are distinct differences you’ll need to know in order to get much done. Check out our command line primer to get an idea of the basics for Macs and Linux. Windows isn’t terribly different, but the standard *nix format is better to learn because you’ll need to use it with most web servers as well.


Master Time-Saving Shortcuts

Knowing the basics of the command line really helps when you need to use it for certain tasks and tweaks, but you can do so much more if you really dive in and get to know your options. First, check out our top 10 tools that are better in the command line so you know some of the best use cases.

My favourite connad line task is resizing images. But that’s just one shortcut. To learn more, read our guide on becoming a command line ninja.



  • Already done. Now I have nothing to do this weekend, jeez thanks a lot LF.. xD

      • Highly outdated, largely irrelevant and very specific to his own needs.

        An example:Let’s be clear. The only thing that smells around here is the Windows shells. Have to use ping to put a sleep in your loop?

        … Or, use PowerShell and get out of the 1995 batch scripting… Jeez.

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