Netflix Is Raising Its Prices For Australians (Again)

Netflix Is Raising Its Prices For Australians (Again)
Contributor: Sarah Basford Canales and Stephanie Nuzzo

Netflix has announced that it will be updating its pricing for streaming subscribers on all of its plans.

The news has naturally caught the attention of streaming fans all over Australia, so we’ve done our best to break down everything you need to know here.

How much does a Netflix subscription now cost in Australia?

Netflix’s Standard plan has increased to $18.99 per month while the Premium plan is now $25.99. These prices keep Netflix’s mid and top tier subscription plan prices marginally higher than those of its streaming competitors.

The Standard with Ads Netflix subscription plan cost is up by a dollar to $7.99. Those who have extra members attached to their account will still be required to pay $7.99 per member.

Pricing changes are immediate for new subscribers and existing users will see billing updates roll out as of June 15, 2024.

What do you get with your subscription?

Okay, so let’s break down what comes with the cost of a Netflix subscription in Australia. The Standard with ads plan still includes two simultaneous streams in high definition, but doesn’t include offline downloads and does require you to watch ads.

The Standard plan offers HD resolution, 2 simultaneous streams, 2 devices for offline downloads and 1 extra member (and no ads).

For the Premium plan, you’ll get an upgraded Ultra 4K + HDR boost, if the content offers it, as well as four simultaneous streams, 6 offline download devices and 2 extra members per account.

As for what else you get with a Netflix subscription – well, the main drawcard is all the content of course. Netflix is home to hundreds of highly-rated shows such as Squid Game, BEEF, Stranger Things, Wednesday and so many more shows and movies. You can even play games on your mobile devices with Netflix now.

This price increase comes after Netflix completely ditched its Basic plan in Australia in October and cracked down on password sharing.

This article has been updated with recent news of Netflix price changes. 

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