How to Destem Herbs in the Quickest Way Possible

How to Destem Herbs in the Quickest Way Possible

When it comes to life hacks there’s rarely a better source than TikTok. It’s taught us how to peel ginger quickly, wear a neck pillow correctly and cook the crunchiest potatoes of all time. It’s these little hacks that the TikTok community is best at and the latest one we’ve found is another thing that makes you wonder how you couldn’t have know it sooner. This time, it’s the easiest way to destem herbs.

How to quickly destem herbs

The challenge we’re presented with here is a frequent one. You need a sprinkle of fresh herbs for a dish you’re making and picking the leaves off one by one is a slow and arduous task. Enter a simple solution: a cheese grater!

As shown by @jeffandlaurenshow on TikTok, this hack works simply and efficiently by threading the stem of your herb through a loop in your cheese grater.

This results in a clean stem with all the leaves picked off by the blade of the cheese grater. You can see it in action on a stem of coriander below, but this method would also work on any other stemmed herb like basil or parsley.

Judging by the 8 million views (and counting) that this video has received, quite a few people have found this hack for destemming herbs helpful. That or they simply want to weigh in on the debate about the taste of coriander.

There is some division in the comments, with many fighting for the herb stem, which they claim adds extra flavour. Even if you’re a stem fan, this method still makes it easy to chop that bad boy up after it’s been freed of its leaves.

Look it’s not a hack that’s going to solve world peace or anything but we are all about making life’s tasks a little bit easier here at Lifehacker Australia, and that’s what videos like this one do.

For other life hacks that TikTok has caught us, check out our running list. We hope they help you learn a thing or two!

Lead Image: iStock/@jeffandlaurenshow (TikTok)

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