Use Leftover Herbs To Create a Stencil for Your Red-Dyed Easter Eggs

Use Leftover Herbs To Create a Stencil for Your Red-Dyed Easter Eggs

Orthodox Easter is set for April 24 this year, which means many of you will have festivities on the brain right now. Today, we’re helping you prepare with a guide on how to level up your red-dyed Easter eggs this year.

We came across this hack by way of Delicious and figured it would be a helpful hack for folks looking to elevate their egg game.

How to create a DIY herb stencil for Orthodox Easter

Dyed eggs are a tradition seen across many cultures over the Easter period but the red-dyed egg is most commonly associated with Greek tradition. The symbol represents rebirth and the colouring is connected to the blood of Jesus.

Delicious recently shared a tip they received from Kathy Tsaples, owner of Sweet Greek at Prahran Market, Melbourne about creating a DIY stencil for these red eggs. In essence, you take whatever leftover leafy herbs you have on hand – be that parsley, basil, coriander, or whatever else you have – you wet the herbs, then stick them to the eggs before dying the shell.

The result looks incredibly festive and is a fun way to change up your traditional red eggs. You can read more about the method here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how you get the red colour looking so vibrant, The Spruce Eats shares that the secret is all in adding onion skins and vinegar to the mix.

If you’re after more general egg-dying hacks, TikTok is full of them. Here are a few more of our favourites for you.

Other egg-dying hacks

Keep it clean

@thestyledappetite uses a household whisk as a clever casing for her egg, keeping hands dye-free when preparing the festive treat.


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Use rice for texture

TikTok creator @passionforsavings shared a sweet little trick for adding patterns to egg dye with low effort. Simply pop a cup of rice in a food storage bag, add a few drops of colouring to the rice, shake it up (to spread out the colouring) and add in the egg.

Once you shift the egg around the bag of rice, it will take on this fun mottled look.


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Marble your eggs

Another creative take comes from @emerald_outlaw who covered the eggs with a paper towel, tied the end with an elastic band, then began squirting dye directly onto the paper towel in splotches.

From here, you use your hands to spread out the dye and once you remove the paper towel, the egg will look marbled.

Just be sure you’re using food-safe dye here (and on all your eggs generally) as the colouring seeped through to the egg itself.


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Happy Easter, friends!

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