5 Uses For Leftover Bread If You Made Those Viral TikTok Circle Sandwiches

5 Uses For Leftover Bread If You Made Those Viral TikTok Circle Sandwiches

The latest trend to have taken over TikTok involves cutting your sandwiches into tiny circles using a mug. Sure, they look tasty (if you ignore the fact that you’re acting like a child who refuses to eat the crusts of their sandwiches), but they feel extremely wasteful.


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Instead of eating the whole sandwich, you’re only eating a small circle cut from the middle. So what the heck are you supposed to do with the rest of that bread?

Well, on account of the fact that we’re out here trying to minimise food waste, here are some of the best and most creative ways to use the leftover bread from your circle sandwiches.


This one feels so simple it’s almost not worth mentioning, but it’s not actually something that crossed my mind until one of my coworkers suggested it. Breadcrumbs. 

Honestly, it’s 2021 and if you’re still buying pre-crumbed breadcrumbs, you might as well be flushing your money down the drain. Next time your bread is about to go off, or you have leftover scraps from your circle sandwiches, blitz them up in a food processor and freeze for future use. 

It’s truly so simple you’ll be shocked you didn’t think of it earlier. 


Not someone who uses breadcrumbs often? Why not fry up some croutons for your next salad?

Making your own croutons is one of those low-effort, high-reward projects (much like DIY hot sauce) that takes hardly any time, money or ingredients but will almost always taste better than the expensive stuff you can buy from the store. 

All you need is bread (the older, the better), oil or melted butter and whatever seasonings tickle your fancy. Garlic, onion, herbs, spices, parmesan cheese – the world is your oyster. 

Mini French toast ‘chips’

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and one person’s wasted crusts are another person’s French toast.

Stale bread is always preferred when making French toast because it’s drier and soaks up more of the delicious egg mixture, and crusts work just the same. 

You can either opt for a savoury option with spices, parmesan cheese and herbs, or a sweet version with cinnamon sugar. Either way, it’ll likely be the best tasting crust you’ve ever had. 

Use your usual French toast recipe, or you can try this one that was specifically developed for the chips.

Zero waste food that also doubles as a delicious dessert or afternoon snack? You simply love to see it.

Bread and butter pudding

Another option that’s so low-effort you’ll wish you thought of it yourself: bread and butter pudding. Quick, easy, delicious. 

But why settle for simple bread and butter pudding when you can try our bacon-y, boozy bread pudding? What’s not to love?


Beer! Glorious beer! 

Sure, you can make some croutons or a nice pudding with your leftovers, but that won’t quench your thirst as much as an ice-cold pint of beer, will it?

In news that had me shook to my core this morning, you can quite literally brew your own beer using your leftover bread. 

Any black or malted rye bread will do the trick, but it’s important to use bread with as few additives as possible (sorry, Wonder White).

From there, all you need is a few simple ingredients like hops, sugar, yeast, malt and water and Bob’s your uncle, you can make some beer. 

You can view the recipe here.

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