Vegemite Is Celebrating Its 100th Birthday With a New Range of Collectibles

Vegemite Is Celebrating Its 100th Birthday With a New Range of Collectibles

Iconic Aussie spread Vegemite is celebrating a milestone this October 25 – it is 100 years old. The companion to buttered toast has long been synonymous with Australian culture so, naturally, its 100th birthday is quite a big deal, and it is being celebrated accordingly. You could say it’s putting a rose in every cheek (sorry). From collector items to a look at the history of the Aussie spread, there is a fair bit going on for Vegemite’s centenary. Here is everything you need to know.

Vegemite at 100

The arrival of Vegemite’s 100th birthday was commemorated with a letter shared to the Australian public from the spread reading:

“Today is a day for the history books. Today is the day an Aussie icon turns 100.  

“The year was 1923. An estimated 5.6 million people lived in the country. Construction had just begun on the Sydney Harbour bridge, a phone line was being built between Sydney and  Brisbane, and Fred Walker from the Fred Walker Company along with a young chemist named Dr. Cyril Callister created the brainchild that is known today as VEGEMITE. 

“They might not have known at the time, but their humble creation was the start of what would become one of Australia’s most beloved products for generations to come.”

It also released a remake of the widely-recognisable ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ ad via Instagram.

Probably the element capturing the most attention right now, however, is the announcement of new merch and collectibles hitting the Vegemite store. If you recall, earlier this year, the Aussie spread released a range of collectible fine silver jar replicas – which ended up selling for over $6,000 (!).

It has announced that as of October 26, it will release a second fine silver collectible; this time, it will be in the shape of toast.

The collectible toast will be available for purchase from 9:00 am ADST on Thursday, October 26, here. There will only be 1,000 of these babies, and they will be selling for $199.99. Trust us when we say these will move quickly.

If silver toast isn’t your style, however, you can also shop a number of other merchandise options. They’re really cute, too!

Happy little Vegemite gear. Image supplied

The full range includes:

  • Mitey Surfboard: $895
  • 100th Birthday Beach Towel: $44.95
  • Mitey Beach Ball: $24.95
  • 100th Birthday Tee: $42.95
  • Kid’s Sippy Cup and Plate: $24.95
  • 100th Birthday Tea Towel: $32.95
  • 100th Birthday Yo-yos: $14.95

You can shop the collectible Vegemite gear on the website here. I, for one, am a tiny bit obsessed with the tea towels.

Want/need. Image supplied.

Collectors at the ready.

Lead Image Credit: Supplied


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