Pop-Tarts Are the New Toast

Pop-Tarts Are the New Toast

At least once a year, I go on a Pop-Tart kick, and I’m currently working at Rockette levels. You can use them to make holiday pie crusts, an ice cream sandwich, or a perverted Pop-Tart trifle to celebrate someone you love. They also make an incredible piece of toast.

Unlike a common piece of toast, a Pop-Tart brings something a little extra to the table: a flavorful stripe of jam or frosting on inside, and a layer of icing on the outside. Their flavors can range from simple strawberry frosted, to the more nuanced “French toast.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more flavor.

It was social media that originally influenced me to slather my strawberry frosted tart in butter. Naturally I opted for salted butter. (Whether or not that’s an obvious move is up for debate, but generally, if it’s an ingredient then use unsalted butter, if it’s a topping, always use salted butter with an extra sprinkle of salt.) With no exaggeration, I can tell you that it was a revelation. The pastry’s flavor was highlighted by the butter, and the extra salt truly made the strawberry jam sing. After I got over how mad I was that I hadn’t been spreading salted fat on Pop-Tarts this whole time, I was able to think clearly about other toppings.

I prefer my factory-made boxed pastries toasted, so I threw a couple more in the toaster and rummaged through my cabinets and fridge in search of more tarts and toppings. Nutella smeared on a strawberry Pop-Tart harkens a bite of chocolate-dipped strawberry. Peanut butter on the same gives crisp PB&J vibes. Eating lemon curd on a strawberry Pop-Tart is like noshing on a bright, summer day for breakfast.

Some other combinations that I look forward to trying:

  • Sharp cheddar cheese on “crisp apple” Pop-tart
  • Cream cheese on a “wild berry” Pop-Tart
  • Bacon on an Eggo frosted maple flavor Pop-Tart
  • Peanut butter and sliced banana on a cherry Pop-Tart
  • Cinnamon and salted butter on a blueberry Pop-Tart

There’s no limit to the possible topping and tart combinations. Keep the toppings sweet, or explore your deviant side with a few savory toppings. The best part is that each sleeve comes with two tarts, so you’ve got two chances to nail the flavors.

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