10 Tasty Guzman Y Gomez Menu Items That Cost Less Than $10

10 Tasty Guzman Y Gomez Menu Items That Cost Less Than $10

Let’s not mess around, it’s expensive out there right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the good things in your life and resort to eating 2 Minute Noodles forever. Why? Because the unrivalled Mexican restaurant chain Guzman y Gomez has launched a new cheap menu with items that won’t cost you more than $10.

Pairing nutrition with flavour, GYG’s menu is full of great meal options that won’t break the bank. Here are some items to consider the next time you’re there.

Cheap Guzman y Gomez menu items


gyg cheap taco
Image: GYG

GYG’s $3 tacos are specifically designed for those who just want a signature taco quickly and cheaply. They don’t offer much customisation, but you will get a classic hard shell taco stuffed with ground beef, cheese and lettuce, which is all you really need.

Other variations of tacos, including chicken and pork filling, are also on offer from GYG, starting from around $5.50 per taco.


Coffee at GYG has to be one of the cheapest around town, with a medium barista-made coffee priced at only $2.70. An Iced Latte is another cheap option, with one cup costing $4.70.

Mini Chicken Burrito

Gyg cheap burrito
Image: GYG

Guzman y Gomez’s minis range is perfect for those who want a full meal but don’t want to overdo it. The mini chicken burrito consists of flame-grilled free-range chicken, pico de Gallo salsa, jack cheese, rice and beans, and it’ll cost you less than a tenner at $9.50.

Mini Chicken Burrito Bowl

If a burrito isn’t quite your style, you can transition to a mini chicken burrito bowl at just $9.50.


For under $10, you can snag yourself one of GYG’s popular quesadillas, which is kind of like a Mexican toasted sandwich. You’ll get a flour tortilla stuffed with melted Monterey Jack cheese and can add fillings including chicken, pork or ground beef, which will set you back $9.10 for two pieces.

Fries with Chipotle Mayo

A medium serving of fries at GYG is just $3.50, and you can add sauce, including chipotle mayo, tomatillo or jalapeno ketchup for just $1 extra.


cheap gyg churro
Image: GYG

Desserts also don’t break the bank at GYG, with the iconic cinnamon-dusted churros plus Dulce de Leche or chocolate sauce costing you only $4 a serve.


GYG’s recent addition of creamy soft-serve ice cream has also led to a series of cheap and tasty desserts, including sundaes. A small one starts at $3.50.

Note that these prices are available in NSW, VIC, SA & Metro QLD restaurants. Prices vary at restaurants in other states.

Looking for more bang for your buck? Here are the best value-for-money menu items at Guzman y Gomez, and while you’re at it, here’s how to order them like a pro.

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