4 of the Best Garlic Bread Recipes We’ve Ever Found

4 of the Best Garlic Bread Recipes We’ve Ever Found

Nothing beats garlic bread. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Garlic bread is the perfect side for a range of winter comfort foods – pasta, pizza, soup, you name it. There are, however, more than a few ways to garlic-butter bread, so we thought we’d gather a few of our favourite recipes for you to test out yourself.

The best garlic bread recipes to try at home

Perfect Homemade Garlic Bread

garlic bread recipe
Image: iStock/bhofack2

Let’s start with the basics, how do you make decent classic garlic bread at home?

Jake Cohen’s recipe might be the best answer we’ve found. His secret is to use a metric tonne of garlic. By baking the cloves in the oven you can then easily squeeze the garlic into a paste and mix it with herbs, butter, and red pepper. The result is the most delicious and crunchy-looking garlic bread on this side of the internet.

Read the recipe here.

Shallot Garlic Bread

garlic bread recipe tiktok
Image: TikTok/@butt.erhand

This recipe from @butt.erhand has recently gone viral on TikTok, and for good reason. The combination of shallots, butter, cheese, honey, chilli and herbs makes for a crunchy, cheesy, delight. The garlic bread to end all garlic breads, in our opinion.

Read the recipe here.

Truffle Garlic Bread

Image: TRUFF (Supplied)

Truffle and garlic are two flavours I wholeheartedly believe belong together, and the folks over at TRUFF answered all our prayers with a recipe for truffle-infused garlic bread.

Essentially, using garlic cloves, butter, parmesan and some TRUFF oil, you can make yourself a fancy and tasty side of garlic bread.

Read the recipe here.

Pizza Garlic Bread

pizza garlic bread
Image: @thisisplanetfood/TikTok

This one is a tad more unconventional, some might even say daring, but it looks delicious nonetheless.

The idea for this recipe from @thisisplanetfood on TikTok is to combine two of the world’s best foods – pizza and garlic bread – into one. Essentially you can use any garlic bread loaf (perhaps one you’ve made from a recipe on this list) and then top it with sauce and pizza ingredients to create pizza garlic bread. Yum.

Read the recipe here.

There you have four of the most interesting and best ways to make garlic bread at home, so why not get experimental this winter? If you have another recipe you swear by, feel free to drop it in the comments for other garlic bread fans to try.

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