Heres a Look at All the New Dinos in Prehistoric Planet Season 2

Heres a Look at All the New Dinos in Prehistoric Planet Season 2

It was a big year for dinosaurs in 2022. There was a new Jurassic World movie, scientists discovered a new ‘duck-like’ dinosaur, Aloy fought machine dinosaurs in Horizon Forbidden West. But, perhaps most significantly, 2022 saw the release of Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+, a revolutionary documentary series that will be returning for Season 2 in 2023.

Prehistoric Planet is basically every dinosaur fan’s dream. The documentary series blends the best of David Attenborough’s nature series with cutting-edge CGI and scientific research to create an accurate picture of what Earth looked like when dinosaurs existed.

Across five episodes, the team behind Prehistoric Planet took us into a range of different biomes that dinosaurs lived in and brought to life a number of different species in never before seen detail.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these extinct beasts and thankfully, Apple TV+ is bringing the series back for more.

What do we know about Prehistoric Planet Season 2?

Prehistoric Planet season 2
Image: Apple

Prehistoric Planet was a collaborative effort between some of the greatest scientific researchers, documentary filmmakers and VFX legends.

Season 1 and the newly announced Season 2 of Prehistoric Planet are executive produced by Jon Favreau (of The Mandalorian fame) and Mike Gunton (from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit), with an epic original score by Hans Zimmer (creator of all your favourite film music) and narrated by David Attenborough (the man, the myth, the legend).

“The award-winning first season of Prehistoric Planet brought dinosaurs back to life in a way global audiences had never seen before. Collaborating with the brilliant Jon Favreau and our fantastic partners at the BBC, we are thrilled that viewers will once again have the opportunity to be immersed in the wonders of our world as it was 66 million years ago and to experience even more weird and wonderful creatures in season two,” said Jay Hunt, creative director, Europe, Apple TV+.

We can expect another five episodes filled with new dinosaurs, new habitats and new scientific discoveries. So far, the Tarchia, one of the largest Ankylosauri, has been teased as an inclusion, and the Isisaurus (long-necked plant-eating dino), Pectinodon (bird-like feathered dinosaur) and Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx (biggest creatures to ever roam the skies) are also confirmed.

We’ll also see returning favourites like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You can get a sneak peek at all the upcoming dinosaurs in the teaser trailer for Prehistoric Planet season 2.

I love my fluffy dinosaurs.

When will the new season be released?

Prehistoric Planet season 2
Image: Apple TV+

The good news about all this is that we don’t have to wait 65 million years for Prehistoric Planet Season 2 to hit our screens.

The second season will debut globally in a five-day event, similar to the first series, with new episodes dropping each night on Apple TV+ from May 22, 2023.

You can catch up on Season 1 of Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+ now or see what other shows are releasing in 2023 in the meantime.

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