• Why You Really Shouldn’t Take in a Wild Bird

    Why You Really Shouldn’t Take in a Wild Bird

    As a kid in the rural Midwest, I was accustomed to seeing people around me “rescue” injured birds, bring them into their homes, and care for them. The local vet even facilitated this by calling up certain families when a hurt bird was brought into his practice. We considered these birds lucky, Little-Orphan-Annie-style critters who…

  • How We Weigh Dinosaurs

    How We Weigh Dinosaurs

    The most emblematic feature of dinosaurs is their body size. Some dinosaurs reached enormous sizes during the Mesozoic Era which ended 66 million years ago, with some species maybe even approaching 100 tonnes. The largest animals ever to walk on Earth were almost certainly dinosaurs. But how do we know how heavy they really were?…