Alright, Everyone! Chill! Macca's Are Selling The McFlurry For $2

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Drop everything. Acquire ice-cream.

That's right. McDonald's - those big Golden Arches - is running a promotion on the humble McFlurry. You can currently purchase a McFlurry between 10:30am and midnight, every day, until November 7. For those unaware, the McFlurry is ice-cream in a cup that you can mix either Oreos or M&M Minis through.

Unfortunately, this doesn't include McDonald's delivery service. It also doesn't include mobile ordering. You have to go physically inside a store to acquire this cheap frozen dairy-based treat. But hey, it's a saving of almost $3 (depending on your local store), so that's a pretty decent deal.

You can find your nearest restaurant right here.

As a side note: Other $2 treats at McDonald's include small thick shakes, ham and cheese pockets and large Frozen Coke spiders as part of their 'loose change' menu.




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