Pro Tips: What to Look for When Buying New Runners

Pro Tips: What to Look for When Buying New Runners

Finding the right workout shoes can be hard — maybe even harder than the workout itself! So what should you be looking for in a new pair of runners, and is there an easy way of nailing the fit when shopping online?

Now, I work out in my pyjamas every morning — it’s a stationary bike, to be clear, I’m not pedalling the streets in my PJs — so I’m not the expert here. But James Chan is — he’s the Head of Marketing for Reebok.

Chan gave us the insider tips on selecting the right workout shoes for you, whether you’re out running or hitting the gym.

First up, you need to figure out what you want to achieve from your workouts. Then we can get into the nitty-gritty of design.

What to look for when buying runners


What exactly should you be looking for when buying new running shoes? James Chan from @Reebok shares his sneaker tips. #Reebok #sneakers #runningshoes

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Sole density

“So, when looking at shoes, say for example it’s running, one thing you want to look at is the mid-sole, the density of the mid-sole,” Chan shared.

“It’s important that you’ve got a really good base to work from. I would argue that the sole is really important, probably one of the most important things. So making sure that there’s good density, good bounce.”


Ever wondered what all those tiny holes in your runners are for? It’s not just to make them look cool.

“You don’t want something that you can’t breathe in, so it gets too sweaty and you don’t want that, right? So just making sure here that there’s a lot of perforations along the foot foot bed as well as the entire shoe, that’s really important for breathability,” Chan said.

Heel structure

Your workout shoes should hug you. No one wants to roll an ankle because of loose runners.

“Another thing you want to look at is the heel structure as well, making sure that it’s really durable, really supportive, and something that really hugs to your ankles,” Chan said.

“The last thing you want is something that’s loose and the ankle starts rolling, you definitely don’t want that.”

Lace them up right

Turns out those holes at the top of your running shoes aren’t just for show — they can make or break the fit, so don’t skip them.

“These holes are really important when it comes to running,” Chan said. “Making sure that that last hole really is laced up because that’s going to give you that extra comfort. Not a lot of people know that.”

The grip

Does the outer sole of your workout shoes look like it could hold on to the pavement for dear life? Or does it look like you’re going to go sliding down a hill?

“The durability of the outsole, you want to make sure that there’s a lot of grip; not too soft,” Chan shared.

Show off your style

You want your workout to be fun, right? Or at least as fun as sweating up a storm can be. Workout shoes that not only fit your foot but also your personality are the best workout shoes, according to Chan.

“Make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable with, something that speaks to your personality and something that you can have fun with,” he said.

And there you have it, you’re ready to run (or hit the gym or whatever takes your fitness fancy). If you’re looking for a great workout, here are the best exercises for every part of your body, and if you don’t want to leave home, Netflix has a whole range of workouts to stream.

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