Melissa Matheson

Melissa Matheson is the Head of Editorial for Lifehacker Australia, Gizmodo Australia and Kotaku Australia. Throughout her career as a journalist and editor across digital, print, radio and TV she has covered news, politics, features, sport and lifestyle, including numerous Royal tours, Australian and international elections, and interviewed six Australian Prime Ministers. Prior to working at Pedestrian Group, Melissa worked at Nova Entertainment, Australian Radio Network, SBS, and spent 10 years at News Corp, working her way up from local newspaper reporter to editor of mX Sydney.

  • 5 Dating Lessons from ABC TV’s Better Date Than Never

    5 Dating Lessons from ABC TV’s Better Date Than Never

    There are first dates, and then there are first-ever dates. While our TV screens are flooded with endless dating shows, ABC TV’s new series Better Date Than Never will have you swooning (and likely squirming over the shared awkwardness). As the name suggests, Better Date Than Never follows a diverse range of Australians all looking…