The Best Exercises for Every Part of Your Body

The Best Exercises for Every Part of Your Body

As we’ve covered before on the site, fitness is a journey – and a multi-faceted one at that. If you want to improve your health, it’s important to consider all the elements of fitness – “strength, stamina and suppleness” (as Kate Kraschnefski, Head of Compliance & Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness has shared with us) – but knowing what the best exercises are for each can be tough.

So to simplify the process somewhat, we pulled together a list of the best exercises you can use to build your fitness in each of these areas, for every part of your body. Take a look through the below for your guide to the most effective exercises for overall health and wellbeing, as suggested by the AIF.

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The 5 best exercises for improving flexibility

Poor flexibility leaves you at a higher risk of injury and impacts your ability to perform movements, so here are the best exercises to help.

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How to achieve the ultimate leg day from home

If you’re looking to improve on your leg day workout while at home, here are a handful of the best expert-suggested exercises to try out.

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5 of the best ab exercises

We chat with health and fitness expert, Kate Kraschnefski, about the best exercises to use if you’d like to build strength in your abs, and why it’s important.

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5 of the best arm and shoulder exercises to add to your workout

We chatted with the team at the Australian Institute of Fitness for some guidance on the best exercises for building strength in your arms and shoulders (not easy!).

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The best ways to pump up cardio fitness

Kate Kraschnefski of the Australian Institute of Fitness shared her best tips for improving cardio fitness with assorted exercise types.

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5 back exercises to introduce to your workout routine

A strong back is important for general strength and stability, so give it some love in your workouts with the best back exercises around.

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By introducing exercises focused on improving your back, arm, shoulder, abdominal and leg strength, along with cardio fitness and flexibility, you’re setting yourself up for a pretty well-rounded workout structure that will help boost your health in a myriad of ways. Happy training!

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