Add Cooking Tips to the Reasons to Love Florence Pugh

Add Cooking Tips to the Reasons to Love Florence Pugh

In case you weren’t already aware, it’s Florence Pugh’s world; we’re just living in it. The latest artful move by the actor is to film a fun and genuinely useful cooking video with Vogue – and naturally, the internet is now obsessed with it.

Florence Pugh Cooks Garlic Crostini with Vogue is 8 minutes and 45 seconds of pure joy, so you can’t really blame fans for the obsession. What I’d like to focus on today, however, is the cooking advice our pal Florence dropped during the video. Here are the bits I found most noteworthy.

3 tips for better cooking, according to Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh cooking.
Florence Pugh cooking. Credit: Vogue/YouTube

Florence Pugh’s Vogue cooking video is beautifully simple. She walks us through the (loose) steps for preparing garlic crostini, or as she calls it, “the tomatoey, garlicky, olive oily, salty, chilli thingy”. And along the way, she shares some cooking advice.

The first tip she shared is that you must have sharp knives.

“A sharp knife is everything,” Pugh said.

“My dad taught me that when I was younger, you don’t even really need to do anything. You just put it down… Whenever I go to someone’s house and I’m cooking for them, I will always either bring my knives or I’ll get them a knife for their birthday.”


The next tip she gave? Make mistakes. Yeah, really. She explained that this is where the magic sauce of cooking great food lies, in her opinion.

“I always like making a few mistakes because, to me, that’s one of the best food and cooking comes from. So, for example, today, I don’t really know what temperature to put the oven on.”

Spoiler: it worked out well.

The last thing you need for a good cooking experience, according to Florence Pugh? A good drink. She doesn’t give a reason for this, but does she really need to?

In short, she shares that she’s only ready to start cooking once her drink (in a pre-chilled glass) is ready.

“Usually, when I’m cooking, I like to make a little drink. So, I’m going to prepare my favourite, which is a martini with a twist,” she said, before showing us how to make said drink.

If you’d like to check out the full recipe, and all of Florence Pugh’s cooking tips, check out the Vogue video below.

And if you’re after more celebs cooking great food, may we suggest taking a peek at Jennifer Garner’s #PretendCookingShow next?

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