7 Breakfast Dishes That’ll Save a Hungover Soul

7 Breakfast Dishes That’ll Save a Hungover Soul

It’s that point in the year when no one really knows what day it is, and many of us float between varying degrees of drunkenness and hungover. If you’ve been sipping on a few too many gin cocktails this silly season and want to help manage the pain of a hangover a little better, here are the breakfast dishes Reddit users recommend trying.

7 of the best breakfasts for a hangover

Best breakfasts for a hangover
Best breakfasts for a hangover. Credit: iStock

Macca’s hashbrowns

In a Sydney subreddit, one user highlighted that the king of hangover breakfast dishes (while you’re still out and about) has to be McDonald’s hashbrowns. And fair enough, that greasy mouthful of potato goodness is enough to cure any ailment, really.

If you’re unable to get to a Macca’s, any hashbrown will do. In fact, oily potatoes in any form will go down really well. Loads of Redditors also suggested fries as a solid hangover breakfast food.

Vegemite on toast

Say what you like about Vegemite, but spreading that brown elixir onto your bread is a godsend when you’ve been hit with a hangover. As one Redditor shared, “You need salt and vitamin B”.


Redditor giantpunda shared that their pick is Lebanese flatbread, Manoush (or Manoosh/Manoushe), which is coated in za’atar and olive oil.

“It’s like having a breakfast pizza. The places that sell them usually open really early (it’s a breakfast item), a lot of them at or before sunrise (4am-7am). Depending on what you get it can vary from just being carb overload to being really cheesy greasy or meaty. You can get them to add some chili powder for some extra kick.”

Bacon and egg roll

It’s a classic hangover breakfast for a reason. Grease. Protein. Salt. Carbs. What more could you want? Grab one from your local cafe or make a batch at home. For a big group, make sheet pan eggs – it’s way easier.

Some also suggested swapping out the standard roll for a bagel (or even an English muffin), which I personally dig.

Pho or Ramen

Hot, spicy, noodle-based soups were an incredibly popular hangover breakfast choice on Reddit. Pho was easily the top response across the board, but Ramen got a few mentions, too.

Here’s how to make Pho at home, if you’d like to give it a shot.


Folks who found they felt a little too sensitive for a full meal shared that smoothies (banana in particular) went down a treat.

Bloody Marys

Another classic choice. While, yes, this is not technically a breakfast food – it is a great hangover cure, and Redditors all over tend to agree. And yes, we have a recipe for you here.

If none of the above sounds like your kind of dish, check out this list of cheap and easy make-ahead breakfasts next.

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