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If you're just getting into wine, you probably hear about processes you're not familiar with, like decanting and aeration. But do you need to bother with that stuff? Fear not, future wine snob this is all you need to know.


In Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the character of George is haunted by a decades-old memory of accidentally ordering a "Bergin and water" in a crowded pub. While most of us know the difference between bourbon and gin, it's possible you've made a similar faux pas to the sniggers of nearby barflies without even realising it. Here are 20 popular alcoholic beverages that you might be mispronouncing.


Champagne cocktails are perhaps the most celebratory cocktail, but mixing real, capital-c Champagne with flavour obscuring additives is a bit wasteful. This does not, however, mean that you shouldn't enjoy a bubbly beverage. In fact -- along with a bottle of reasonably priced bubbles -- you can make great tasting, cheap and festive libations with stuff you already have in your kitchen.


Cold brew coffee has been the frigid ice queen of the caffeinated world for some time now, but I think it's finally safe to admit that it just isn't for everyone. Not only does it usually have more caffeine than other coffee (which is bad for those of us with anxious little hamster hearts), but it has a very distinct flavour that is not appealing to all people, because not everyone likes the same things.


There's something uniquely summery about mixing up a beer cocktail. Pairing fizzy beer with something harder not only results in a larger-than-average drink that you can keep sip on for a spell, but a bit of extra booze will get you buzzed before you get bloated.


I'm usually not a huge fan of putting carbon dioxide in my coffee, but I'm willing to make some exceptions. For example, cold brew on nitro is great; the bubbles are nice and small and give the coffee a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Plus, I've tried some fancy coffee soda water things and found that they mostly just cause oral confusion -- see exhibit A below, which was the most perplexing, yet delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth.


Halloween is the best holiday; this is a fact. Kids get to dress up like minions or a Frozen or whatever, stay out late and -- unless their neighbours hand out toothpaste, an act somehow not punishable by law -- eat a truly unconscionable amount of lollies. Adults can do all of the above and get drunk while watching horror movies, which is my preferred way to observe the day.


I like a wide variety of beers, but if you open up my fridge you'll mostly find those cold activated cans of el cheapo lager. Why? Because it's just fine. That's right, I said it.