How To Cure Your Hangover

If you’ve ever had one too many white wine spritzers at a family function, or beers on a late night out, you know the effects of waking up the next morning with a nasty hangover.

Hangovers are no fun even if the events leading up to the hangover were a blast. There’s no shortage of preventive measures and cures people undertake in the name of keeping hangovers away, but a lot of them are complete bupkis.

(In every culture with access to alcohol, myths abound about how to cure a hangover. In Ireland it used to be said you should bury your friend up to his neck in wet sand to help him through his hangover. A Haitian myth has it that turning the cork of the hangover-causing-bottle into a voodoo doll and sticking 13 pins in it will keep the hangover at bay. Other strange remedies from around the globe include breathing in the smoke from a coal fire and rubbing limes on your arms.)

While everyone swears by their own hangover remedy (Hydralyte, an IV drip, a raw egg smoothie), very few treatments are verified by science. So in the video below, Alice walks you through the steps of curing your headache, quenching your dehydration and raising your blood sugar.

Because hangover symptoms depend on your physical condition, what you drank and what you ate, the only real cure for a hangover is to not drink too much. But if it’s too late for that, we have some ideas that just might help. Or at least distract you from the pain. 

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Hangover Cures: Myths, Legends And Facts” excerpt=”Hangovers rank right up there with drunk dialling your angry ex as one of the least pleasant drinking-related side effects. We explain how to stave off a hangover with before and after tips — as well as myths to avoid.”]

Additional reporting by Jason Fitzpatrick.

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