Secretlab Titan Evo Review: Does a Gaming Chair Work as an Office Chair?

Secretlab Titan Evo Review: Does a Gaming Chair Work as an Office Chair?

Picking the right desk chair is more important now than ever before. These days, most of us are spending at least some of our week working from home, which means a proper desk set-up is essential. I, for one, have spent the past two years seeking the perfect chair, so I jumped at the chance to test out one of Secretlab’s fancy new Titan Evo (2022) gaming chairs.

Does a gaming chair make for a good office chair? Let’s find out.

Secretlab Titan Evo (2022) review

What’s good?

secretlab titan evo
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I’m happy to say there are far more pros than there are cons to Secretlab’s Titan Evo chair. This thing not only looks cool but it was easy to assemble, ultra comfortable and has a bunch of nifty features that set it above a typical desk chair.

Let’s start with assembly. The Titan Evo is delivered in one large, heavy, flat-pack box of around 40kg. Inside is everything you’ll need to assemble your gaming chair, including tools and easy-to-follow instructions. I managed to set it up in under an hour on my own.

The design of the chair is similar to that of your typical gaming chair, with a wide padded seat, two armrests and a tall back.

Secretlab offers a bunch of different design options, including some cool gaming and pop culture options, but the one I was given for review uses black SoftWeave fabric. (FYI, Secretlab has started to offer fitted skins if you ever want to switch up your design.)

The SoftWeave fabric is indeed quite soft with a nice squish-to-firmness ratio, and Secretlab’s cold-cure memory foam keeps things padded but supportive. It also comes with a detachable magnetic pillow to support your neck that can be moved around and fixed to your height.

Another defining feature of the Titan Evo is its adjustable support system. The chair is outfitted with complete recline and tilt adjustability that easily transitions your chair from upright to a more reclined lounge chair.

secretlab titan evo
Image: Lifehacker Australia

As a bit of a gamer myself, I enjoyed the flexibility this offered. It means I could easily work eight hours a day in my chair and then kick back and sink some more hours into my PlayStation.

The chair also offers customisable lumbar support, which is, quite frankly, essential for anyone spending a full day at a desk. The Titan Evo provides dials that can increase the curve in the back of your chair and raise or lower its position, making it easier to fit the back support to your preferred seating position.

The experience all this provides is a cut above any other chair I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in. My previous desk chair (a cheap buy from IKEA) would often leave me with a sore back (particularly my tailbone) and a prawn posture.

These issues were instantly fixed upon switching to the Titan Evo. Its quality design, comfortable padding and ergonomic support combine to create an excellent chair that cured me of all my aches and pains. I’ll happily spend my entire day working in it and even a few more hours gaming in it.

What’s not so good?

Image: Lifehacker Australia

It really is hard to find a fault in a chair this good, but there are a couple of things worth pointing out.

One is the armrests. Secretlab outfits the Titan Evo with two armrests topped with magnetic covers. It’s easy to adjust the height and direction of the armrests; however, I would say more flexibility would be better here.

I personally have always enjoyed sitting quite close to my desk so that my wrists can rest on a surface while I type. I don’t have a standing desk, so the placement of the armrests on the Titan Evo and the height of my desk just doesn’t allow for this. It’s here I wish there was an easy option to remove the armrests entirely or at least lower them enough to slip under my desk.

This isn’t a dealbreaker or anything, but it is worth keeping your desk height in mind before buying a chair like this just to ensure everything works together.

The Titan Evo itself is also a pretty heavy boy. It weighs around 35kg once assembled and is bulky by design. This actually helps with the stability of the chair, but keep it in mind if you’re moving it around frequently.

The last and perhaps biggest con of this chair is the cost. It’s no secret that gaming chairs are on the pricey side and the Secretlab Titan Evo is no different.

This particular variant starts at $729, which it’s safe to say is not cheap. It’s on the pricey side, even for gaming chairs. However, it is well-known that Secretlab produces some of the best chairs on the market, and I’d have to agree based on my time spent with this one.

Secretlab Titan Evo (2022) gaming chair: The verdict

Image: Lifehacker Australia

To put a long story short, Secretlab’s Titan Evo is a damn expensive chair, but a damn comfortable one. While I’d like some removable armrests, the comfort, design and adjustability of this chair make it perfect for when I’m working from home as well as gaming in my leisure time.

When weighing up the price of the Titan Evo, it’s worth remembering that you’re investing in something that is built to last. Your spine will thank you for it later.

You can order the Titan Evo from Secretlab’s website.

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