Investing in an Ergonomic Office Chair Could Save Your Back and Bank Balance in the Long Run

Investing in an Ergonomic Office Chair Could Save Your Back and Bank Balance in the Long Run
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If you work full-time, you might be surprised to learn that, on average, you spend a solid 2,080 hours at your desk each year. Yep, that’s just under a quarter of your entire year sitting down — and that doesn’t even include the hours you work overtime. When I first found out that frankly ~cynical~ piece of information, the first thing that came to mind was, “wow, you’re telling me I’ve spent at least half of that time lying at a 90-degree angle in my bed?”. That’s why, as of 2022, I’m on a newly-set mission to realign my back. And first things first: invest in a quality, ergonomic home office chair that’s both comfortable and offers optimal back and neck support.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic office chair?

The benefits of having an ergonomic office chair stretch far and wide, but in short, it has the power to boost your productivity and morale, as comfort is key to a good headspace and efficient workflow. Good quality office chairs also offer great back and neck support that prevent slouching or the over-stretching of spinal ligaments.

If you weren’t convinced before, I bet you are now. That’s why, ahead, I’ve rounded up the best home desk chairs that’ll level up your home office set up and maybe even entice you to get off that damn bed of yours. As an added bonus, some of these currently come with a discount, thanks to Amazon’s Big Smile Sale.

The best supportive office chairs you can buy online now

Flash Furniture Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair, $165.99 (usually $248.60)

Office Chair

With almost 5,000 positive customer ratings, this gem of a chair offers superior WFH comfort thanks to its functional flip-up arms and ventilated curved back that provides lumbar support and airflow.

You can buy the Flash Furniture Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair ($165.99) from Amazon here.

KERDOM Ergonomic Swivel Desk Chair with Flip-up Armrests, $436.06

Office Chair

This baby’s ergonomic design provides three support points (back/hips/hands) and appropriate waist support, which is great to have when you’re working on it all day.

Unlike some of the other options, this ergonomic office chair is also unique in the way that you can flip the arms up when you’re not using them. Convenient and space efficient? Tick.

You can buy the KERDOM Ergonomic Swivel Desk Chair ($436.06) from Amazon here.

Artiss Mid-Back Desk Chair, $90.95

Office Chair

This sleek and elegant chair fitted with leather upholstery and armrests caters for both comfort and design. It also boasts height and tilt adjustment to allow you to be seated at your most comfortable position and posture at all times.

You can buy the Artiss Mid-Back Desk Chair ($90.95) from Amazon here.

Ergonomic Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Flip Up Arms and a Headrest, $139.99

This ultimate desk chair is so comfortable you might fall asleep on it — so don’t say we didn’t warn you! In all seriousness, though, the extra padding and headrest gives your back and neck the vacation it needs. The locking mechanism also keeps the back of your chair upright, relieving any stress and pain brought on by other office chairs.

You can buy the Ergonomic Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Flip Up Arms and Headrest ($139.99) from Amazon here.

Alfordson Ergonomic Massage Office Chair, $179.95

Office Chair

Mid-lunch break massage? We won’t say no to that. And you don’t have to either with this epic ergonomic massage desk chair. Fitted with five different massage modes in three intensity levels, you can give your back, spine and shoulders a little bit of TLC as an arvo pick-me-up when the 3pm slump hits.

You can buy the Alfordson Ergonomic Massage Office Chair ($179.95) from Amazon here.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair, $369

With a nice selection of five ergonomic adjustabilities, this computer chair will help you to find the most comfortable seating position for long-term sitting. Some of its epic benefits include adjustable back support, headrest adjustment, tilt adjustment, plus height adjustable armrests. Triple-whammy.

You can buy the Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair ($369) from Amazon here.

Artiss Executive Wooden Chair, $127.95

Office Chair

Again, say hello to modernity and comfort with this beautiful Executive Wooden Chair that is specially designed with a mid-back cut-off to support your lower back. There are also five dual-wheel castors under the chair that let you slide to anywhere to reach for items or people you need easily. The only downside is that it doesn’t have armrests, so just keep that in mind before you smash it right into your cart. 

You can buy the Artiss Executive Wooden Chair ($127.95) from Amazon here.

Modern Velvet Swivel Desk Chair, $229

This Velvet Swivel Desk Chair is as pretty as it is comfy, with its classic button-tufted design and ergonomic backrest. Oh, and did we mention it also comes in pink and beige?

You can buy the Modern Velvet Swivel Desk Chair ($229) from Amazon here.

Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair, $153.99

It’s pink, and that’s all that matters if you ask us. But, if we’re talking specifics, it’s also got a high back design, contoured pink cushions and flipped-up padded arms for optimal support whether you’re working or playing. 

You can buy the Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair ($153.99) from Amazon here. 

Levede Office Chair Gaming Recliner Racing Computer Chairs PU Executive Footrest, $179.99 (usually $449)

Not only do these babies look like a literal couch in office chair form (aka comfy as hell), it’s the optional footrest that seals the deal for us. Who said work had to be a hard slog when you’ve got this baby to recline on?

You can buy the Levede Office Reclining Computer Chair ($179.99) from eBay here.

While we’re on the topic of new chairs, it’s important to note that the scratchy wheels at the bottom of your new set-up may damage your floors — especially if you’ve got hardwood, tiles or linoleum. That’s where getting an office chair mat may come in handy. This clear YESDEX Office Chair Mat is currently on sale for $49.99 if you’re just after something basic that does the job. If you are something a little more aesthetic, this Luxury Chair Mat is $118 and a great choice as well.

If you’re still hungry for a further bargain, you can check out some of the best offers from Amazon’s Big Smile Sale here. But, get in quick — it ends at midnight tonight!

Happy shopping!

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