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Remote collaboration is both a blessing and a curse. One one hand, it allows for unmatched convenience as team members can work together from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, communication can get a bit muddled when a team isn't all together in one location — specifically when it comes to sharing files. That's why Droplr was created as a reliable way to share critical project information to the people who need it. And, you can take an additional 40% off its sale price when you plug the CYBER40 code in at checkout.


Most people's perception of income protection is that it's something that only self-employed tradies need. This is usually because they’re working on-site with a plethora of dangers.

It might surprise you to find out that that in the top occupations for income protection claims in 2016 according to AIA Australia, tradie jobs don’t even make the top three. Instead they were a sales assistant, general clerk and a shop manager.


Software developers wanting to work in the US usually need to get a H-1B visa. However, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced it would make a more targeted effort to combat "fraud and abuse" of the system. With the Trump administration wanting to protect American jobs, they are adding some hurdles for software developers.


Working and travelling doesn't seem like your average pairing, however for many people like myself, I've found it's worked out well to not only see the world but to also provide an efficient way of making money at the same time. Becoming a digital nomad, wasn't my original plan but it couldn't have worked out any better in my personal experience. I generally travel to Mexico and the USA for at least six months of the year and along the way I've learned so much on how to successfully work and travel simultaneously. For those who are looking to start their journey as a digital nomad, here are my tips on how you can work and travel at the same time based upon my years of experience.


There are many articles in the universe about the benefits of living without your mobile phone, about the perils of dependence on technology. Let’s be honest, it’s all a bit wishy-washy. Preaching the benefits of life without a mobile phone is Crossfit. You’re a technology Vegan. You're the worst.

And I'm the worst. Because, guess what. I’m about to do the exact same thing.

A few months ago my phone broke. I decided not to replace it for a while. This was -- at times -- a good thing, but for the most part it was frustrating as hell. Here’s what I learned.


Health is very important, and even if you love your job, long hours grinding away can take a toll both mentally and physically. Bad posture can drain you even faster, especially for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. To help out, here are some tips to making it through Friday afternoon, as well as improve your office life overall.


The internet is an interesting place, which makes it all the more tempting to steal a few minutes of catch-up time during regular office hours. Though it can actually make you more productive, not every boss is cool with you wasting precious workday hours browsing the web. Thankfully, we have a few solutions for you. Here's your guide to staying safe from curious co-workers and patrolling upper management if you need to take a quick glance online.


If you've ever scoffed at a colleague's messy desk, it should come as no surprise that clutter at work can invite shame. But a lot of us think about clutter in the wrong way. It's not all bad and the neural processes that make it a problem don't begin or end at our desks. Here's what science says about clutter's effect on our brain and how to manage it.


Once upon a time, the typical Australian office involved staff members in cubicles, management in fancy offices and a clear delineation between work time and free time. But the world has changed, and the workspace with it. Remote-friendly business models, a blending of the work-life division, and a rise in fluid "non-employees" are just a few trends to watch out for in the coming year. We look at some of the ways business is changing.


Most organisations have an annual or quarterly performance review structure in place where employees are assessed on how well they are doing at work, how they feel about their current role and their career goals. PeopleSpark believes these reviews are ineffective and has brought out a survey software that managers can use to gauge workers' attitude and performance on a more frequent basis.