Transform Your Home Office Into a Gaming Room With IKEA’s Latest Range

Transform Your Home Office Into a Gaming Room With IKEA’s Latest Range

If the pandemic cultivated a rise in two things it’s working from home and gaming. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could combine those two things and create a great home office that’s also equipped for gaming? That’s what IKEA is banking on with its new furniture range.

Back in 2021, IKEA partnered with Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a new gaming range of home furniture and accessories. The lineup was a hit in many markets, including Australia, and IKEA has since decided to expand its gaming range with the new BRÄNNBOLL collection, that will arrive in stores in September 2024.

If you’re thinking this is the perfect time to upgrade your desk for gaming or to create a new space for gaming entirely, IKEA has you covered. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

What’s included in IKEA’s new gaming furniture range?

The BRÄNNBOLL gaming range includes 18 new products, with everything from chairs, cabinets and accessories to hold your accessories.

While the previous lineup of gaming furniture was primarily aimed at PC gamers, the BRÄNNBOLL selection is designed for “everywhere in the home”.

One of the main pieces that caught our eye is a foldout chair that can switch from being a typical armchair to an extended lounge seat if you want to stretch out your legs. The collection also brings back the controversial inflatable chair and includes a gaming station that provides a foldable tabletop and integrated PC tower storage that can be easily folded away into a storage cupboard.

Check out some of the images below to see the BRÄNNBOLL collection in action:

ikea gaming collection 2024
Image: IKEA
ikea gaming collection 2024
Image: IKEA

The full list of items and their prices included in the BRÄNNBOLL IKEA gaming collection for are as follows (a reminder these will hit Australian stores in September):

  • BRÄNNBOLL accessory stand (set of 3) – $10
  • BRÄNNBOLL wall-mounted display cabinet 50x25x25 (blue or white) – $45
  • BRÄNNBOLL basket 30x33x30 (grey/yellow) – $49
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming bolster 18×110 (bright green or bright yellow) – $29
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming easy chair (grey/black or grey/bright yellow) – $129
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming lounge chair (Knisa bright blue) – $249
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming mouse pad 90×40 (black/patterned) – $25
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming station 100x72x180 (light-grey/white) – $399
  • BRÄNNBOLL inflatable gaming chair (bright green or bright orange) – $79
  • BRÄNNBOLL shelving unit w/ castors 56×62 (white) – $99
  • BRÄNNBOLL side table on castor w/ wheels 69×39 (light ash effect/white) – $59
  • BRÄNNBOLL throw 130×170 (pale blue/bright yellow) – $25
  • BRÄNNBOLL gaming rug 195 (black) – $99
  • BRÄNNBOLL coaster, cork – $8

And, if you’ve forgotten, here’s a full list of all the items included in IKEA’s gaming range from 2021:

ikea gaming furniture
Image: IKEA (Supplied)
  • UPPSPEL Gaming desk (small/large)
  • UPPSPEL Glass door cabinet
  • UPPSPEL 4-piece pegboard accessories set
  • UPPSPEL CPU stand with castors
  • UPPSPEL Drawer unit on castors
  • UPPSPEL Pegboard
  • UTESPELARE Gaming desk (white/black)
  • UTELSPELARE Gaming chair (black/grey)
  • GRUPPSPEL Gaming chair (white/red/black)
  • HUVUDSPELARE Gaming chair
  • MATCHSPEL Gaming chair (white/black)
  • LANESPELARE Accessories stand
  • LANESPELARE Headset stand
  • LANESPELARE Ring light with phone holder
  • LANESPELARE Mouse bungee
  • LANESPELARE Neck pillow
  • LANESPELARE Multi-functional cushion/blanket
  • LANESPELARE Mug with lid and straw and mug holder
  • LANESPELARE Mug holder
  • LANESPELARE Gaming mouse pad (small/large)

There are also some gaming desk and chair combos you can find here.

As always, IKEA’s lifestyle images set the bar high, but you can pick and choose anything from this new range to help upgrade your gaming space without breaking the bank (save that money for the hardware).

If you’re looking to restyle some of the other areas in your house, here are our guides to redoing your living room, kitchen and bedroom.

This article has been updated since its original publication date.

Lead Image Credit: IKEA (Supplied)

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