If Netflix Has You Wondering, This Is Precisely How You Build a Sex Room

If Netflix Has You Wondering, This Is Precisely How You Build a Sex Room
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Netflix’s latest design series, How to Build a Sex Room, has (unsurprisingly) captured the attention of a fair few people. Described by the Guardian as “Changing Rooms for kinky people,” the show sees a handful of couples enlist the help of interior designer – and creator of sexy spaces – Melanie Rose in the hope of bringing their dream sex room to life.

You can see the trailer for the series here if you’re keen to get a better idea of it.

Melanie Rose, How to Build a Sex Room. Image credit: Netflix

In any case, if the arrival of How to Build a Sex Room has you wondering, well… how does one build a sex room, we have some tips for you. Lovehoney sexpert Annabelle Knight has shared five tips on how to create the best room to get down in at home – if you’re interested.

On the art of designing a sex room, she shared over email that “you’ll want to approach it in the same way you would as designing any other room in your house. While you will want to fill it with as many pieces of sex furniture, bondage, and sex toys as possible, you don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic in order to do so”.

“As with everything related to sexual happiness, a sex room will only work well for you if it makes you feel comfortable and confident. As long as you have the essentials, make the room fit to the way you want it, and it will make the sex even better,” Knight explained.

And importantly, she stressed that it’s always a good idea to “agree on a safe word before you start.”

With that considered, here are her tips for building a sex room.

How to build an epic sex room

how to build a sex room
How to Build a Sex Room. Image credit: Netflix

Step 1: Find yourself some great ‘staple’ sex furniture

As Knight put it, “No room is complete without furniture, so why would a sex room be any different?”

She explained that investing in sex furniture is a great way to experiment with positions and get creative with how you access pleasure.

A sex wedge is a great place to start, enabling you or your partner to support your body in the most pleasurable positions for longer. Experiencing a sexual renaissance thanks to Wet Leg, the chaise lounge is a genuinely great option for a sex room, but for anyone looking for something a little less showy, a position enhancer chair works just as well,” she said.

Step 2: Consider swings and restraints

I mean, what’s a sex room without a swing, am I right?! If TV has taught us anything is that any good sex room must have a swing of some variety.

Obviously, we are joking and this is entirely up to you, but Knight does suggest thinking about the option of a sex swing and some restraints.

Sex swings come in a variety of forms, but the main types [are] either attached over-the-door or fitted to the ceiling, and offer the receiving partner support to tackle even the most challenging of sex positions,” she shared.

“Restraints are great for taking bondage play to the next level, and under-the-mattress restraints, in particular, will help transform your sex room into a bondage lover’s paradise.” 

Step 3: Round out that bondage collection

If you’re looking to create an entertaining sex room, chances are you’re a little bit interested in the world of bondage.

Knight suggests scattering your collection around the room, so they’re never too far out of reach.

Beyond swings, restraints and furniture, she suggested looking into “handcuffs, whips, gags, blindfolds, the lot”.

“A bondage kit is the ideal way to turn this dream into a reality,” Knight explained. 

Step 4: Arouse the senses

“Physical pleasure isn’t the only thing that your sex room needs to cater for,” Knight highlighted.

“You will want to create an ambient atmosphere appropriate for arousal. Instead of using tea lights in jars to do this, why not fill the room with massage candles, massage oils and arousing reed diffusers, instead.”

Step 5: Get your sex toy collection in order

What’s a sex room without a library of sex toys to work with? Choose a selection of options that you like and keep them on hand. But you can also add to the fun with “playful board games,” Knight shared. 

Got some ideas you’d like to experiment with? Well, if you’re after more inspiration, How to Build a Sex Room is streaming on Netflix Australia now.


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