7 Comedies on Binge That Everyone Needs to Watch at Least Once

7 Comedies on Binge That Everyone Needs to Watch at Least Once
Image: HBO
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With the state of the world right now, there’s never been a better time for a good laugh, and there are plenty of comedy shows and movies on BINGE that will help with that. Here are some of the best shows on BINGE, plus a few movies, that will give you a much-needed chuckle.

Best comedy TV shows on BINGE

Modern Family

modern family comedies binge
Modern Family – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: ABC)

For over ten years, countless families saw themselves on screen through the Dunphys. Their large extended family full of quirky kids and spouses kept us entertained in so many relatable ways.

The mockumentary style of Modern Family made it feel similar to The Office but swap out the office culture with hilarious suburban adventures. It will also pull at your heartstrings to see all the kids grow up in front of your eyes on screen.


barry season 3
Barry – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: HBO)

Barry brings the best of black comedy with crime and thrills as it sticks Bill Hader’s hitman with a heart in tense new situations.

Barry discovers the joy of acting when he partakes in an acting class and learns to love the art of performance and his classmates. Unfortunately, his dark past continues to follow him.

Our Flag Means Death

our flag means death binge comedies
Our Flag Means Death – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: HBO Max/BINGE)

Taika Waititi. Pirates. Need I say more?

Our Flag Means Death is a glorious romantic-comedy-period-adventure that stars Rhys Darby as a privileged Captain who abandons his comfortable life to lead a crew of pirates. Along the way they come across threats they are definitely not equipped for and also find unexpected love.


friends reunion tv show
Friends – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: Warner Bros.)

It can’t be a best comedies list without one of the best comedy tv shows of all time, Friends.

The story of six friends going through the hilarious trials and tribulations of their 20s/30s captured audiences around the globe and still remains one of the most popular shows out there.

BINGE is home to all seasons of Friends as well as the recent Friends reunion, so you can relive every moment and then some.

Best comedy movies on BINGE

Mean Girls

mean girls comedies on binge
Mean Girls – Best Comedies on Binge (Paramount)

Mean Girls is a quintessential comedy movie of the 2000s. The teen coming-of-age story stars Lindsey Lohan as Cady, a homeschooled student who is thrown into the wild world of high school cliques and ends up losing herself to becoming popular.

Written by Tiny Fey, Mean Girls has given us so many cultural touchstones like “she doesn’t even go here”, and it’s worth watching just for those alone.


7 Comedies on Binge That Everyone Needs to Watch at Least Once
Anchorman – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: Paramount)

Another iconic comedy movie everyone needs to see at least once is Anchorman.

Will Ferrell stars as Ron Burgundy, a successful news anchor who has spent plenty of time at the top in a male-driven industry. But things take a turn when an ambitious new female reporter comes onto the scene.


7 Comedies on Binge That Everyone Needs to Watch at Least Once
Bridesmaids – Best Comedies on Binge (Image: Universal Pictures)

Bridesmaids is easily one of the best female-centric comedies of all time.

Featuring an all-star cast of comedy icons like Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids has everything from hilarious situations you’ll cringe your way through to heartfelt messages of friendship everyone can relate to.

How does BINGE compare to Netflix, Stan and Disney+?

BINGE has plenty to offer that helps it stand up to giants like Netflix and Disney+.

For starters, BINGE is home to nearly everything HBO so you can expect all those high-value HBO comedies to land on the streaming service sooner or later.

On the pricing side, it’s pretty similar to Stan and Disney+, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer 4K streams. The user interface can’t compete with the slick design of Netflix, but it does kick goals with the content it offers, as you can see in the list above.

If you’re ready to get streaming you can subscribe to BINGE here.

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