Netflix’s New Fast Laughs Feature Will Help You Find Your Next Comedy Binge

Netflix’s New Fast Laughs Feature Will Help You Find Your Next Comedy Binge
Image: Netflix

There are always good things coming to Netflix, but sometimes you just want something funny, and quick. To help everyone find the most hilarious content on Netflix, the streamer has launched a function titled ‘Fast Laughs’.

What is this new Fast Laughs feature?

Netflix announced in a blog post that it will be adding a new tab to the Netflix app on mobile devices. When available, this Fast Laughs tab will sit at the bottom of the screen next to the Coming Soon and Downloads tabs.

Fast Laughs collects a range of clips from comedic shows and movies on Netflix. It’ll play a rolling set of short clips optimised for mobile screens, kind of like an Instagram story or TikTok feed.

The clips will incorporate some of the best gags from Netflix shows. This includes live comedy shows from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Hannah Gadsby, comedy films such as Amy Poehler’s Moxie, and a range of hilarious TV shows on the platform including favourites like Big Mouth and The Crew.

It’s a great way to discover your next comedy TV series to binge, or for just a quick laugh.

Each of the clips also comes with a range of functional options. If the show or movie makes you laugh, maybe you’ll want to add it to your list. Or if you’re really keen you can just hit play and dive right in.

Netflix is also introducing the capability to share these Fast Laugh clips on other social media platforms. Users can share a clip they like with their friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

Netflix has used this social media story idea in the past with previews for its upcoming shows in a special row on the app. This has since disappeared so it’s unknown how long Fast Laughs will stick around.

The Fast Laughs function is available now on iPhone devices in select countries and testing for Android will begin soon. We haven’t seen it pop up in Australia yet but it’s possible we’ll see it roll out here soon. When/if it does, you’ll find it in the row of tabs on the bottom of your mobile app.

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