Grab This Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $500 off and Just Put Your Feet Up

Grab This Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $500 off and Just Put Your Feet Up
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If you ask us, a robot vacuum cleaner tends to sell itself.  For many, vacuuming is a chore that we could live without. Admit it, we all have a habit of putting it off for as long as possible. At least until we feel that thick layer of dirt and dust, clinging to the soles of our feet. That’s when you know you’re due for a good vacuum.

Thankfully, robot vacuums take away the laborious side of cleaning so you can put your feet up and let them do all the dirty work for you.

However, the biggest drawback for a robotic vacuum cleaner is the price tag. While there are a number of robot vacuums available under $500, you’ll find that they lack adequate suction and the smart technology that higher-end models feature. For instance, expensive models can be programmed to stop and start to any schedule you set, feature a handy mopping function and do a better job sucking up dirt from carpets.

This iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum cleaner usually sells for a RRP of $999, but Amazon Australia has knocked a heart-stopping $505 off. That brings it all the way down to $494. Believe us, it’s not often you see such a big discount of robotic vacuum cleaners, so you might want to jump on this while you can.

The Roomba e5 can effectively clean up dirt, dust, hair and your cat’s fur trail — all without its brushes getting tangled. This robot vacuum cleaner is best suited to pet owners who can’t get a handle on their beloved fur babies’ constant shedding. Tested against other popular brands such as Ecovacs, iLife and Neato (just to name a few), this model has been proven to pick up more pet hair than any other robot vacuum.

Roomba e3
Image: iRobot

Compared to past Roomba models, the e5 robot vacuum cleaner possesses five times the suctioning power for multiple kinds of surfaces. That goes for your floorboards to your tiles and even your carpet.

Its auto-adjust cleaning head can automatically adjust its height, which is handy for effectively digging deeper or acting gentler with a variety of floorings.

Compatible with your smartphone through the iRobot HOME app, you can conveniently control and schedule your Roomba e5’s cleaning sessions. Thanks to its intelligent sensors, including a cliff sensor, the Roomba e5 is capable of making up to 60 decisions per second to sufficiently navigate your home. Through the app, you can even set no-go areas for the Roomba to avoid.

Shop it here for $494 (down from $999).