14 Of The Best Robot Vacuum Deals From Amazon’s Big Smile Sale

14 Of The Best Robot Vacuum Deals From Amazon’s Big Smile Sale
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If you’re looking for a deal on robot vacuums, you’ve come to the right place. Amazon is running its Big Smile Sale from now until midnight, Sunday March 24, and you can save up to 45 per cent off a range of robovacs from brands like Ecovacs, Dreame, iRobot and Roborock.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level robovac on a budget, a mid-range one with a cleaning station or a high-end machine with all the bells and whistles, Amazon has a wide variety of robot vacuums on sale currently.

Here are our top picks for the best robovacs on sale.

Best Amazon Big Smile Sale deals for Ecovacs robot vacuums

ecovacs deebot n8 robovac
Image: Ecovacs

Ecovacs is currently one of the most popular robot vacuum brands, and it’s not hard to see why. These vacuums are fairly affordable, pet-friendly and feature a sleek, futuristic design. Some of these Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaners are even more affordable, thanks to a few Big Smile Sale discounts.

So what’s worth your time and money? Well, there’s the Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 robovac, which is currently on sale for $399 (down from $599). That is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen this robovac go for, which makes it a great entry-level option for those looking to automate their cleaning.

If you’re after a robovac with a bit more going on, there are a few Ecovacs that include multiple features. The Deebot T10 Plus is a multi-function machine that will vacuum, mop and self-empty with the included dock. It even comes with an industry-first voice assistant, called YIKO, so you can call out to it and have it start cleaning on demand.

You can find more Amazon Big Smile Sale deals for Ecovacs’ robot vacuum cleaners below:

Best Amazon Big Smile Sale deals for iRobot robot vacuum + mops

IROBOT amazon prime day robot vacuum
Image: iRobot

Here at Gizmodo Australia, we love a Roomba. These little robovacs are packed full of suctioning power and use a combination of moving, sucking and brushing to get the job done well.

If we had to pick, we reckon you should opt for the j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum. It can hold up to two months of dust and debris (that it self-empties) and it can detect – as well as avoid – obstacles, such as stray cables and pet waste.

Here are the best iRobot vacuum cleaner deals we’ve spotted:

Best Amazon Big Smile Sale deals for Roborock robot vacuums

robot vacuum sale amazon big smile
Image: Roborock

If you want to save literal hundreds off a robovac during Amazon’s Big Smile Sale, look to Roborock, which has slashed up to $530 off its elite range. You’ll find the most bang for your buck with the Roborock Q8 Max+ robot vacuum cleaner and mop, because who doesn’t love a two-in-one? This robovac can mop and vacuum in one go and features advanced multi-floor mapping with a Z-shaped cleaning route.

Best Amazon Big Smile Sale deals for Dreame robot vacuums

Image: Dreame

We’re suckers for a vacuum with a long run time, which is why we’re so drawn to the Dreame L10s Ultra. It can last up to three and a half hours before it’ll need to be recharged. It can also map out your house and avoid obstacles using lidar navigation while you get to set no-go zones that act as an invisible wall, via the Dreame app. But our favourite part is the fact that it features cliff sensors that will prevent it from tumbling down your staircase or other dangerous edges.

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