20 Practical Camping Tables That’ll Complete Your Outdoor Set Up

20 Practical Camping Tables That’ll Complete Your Outdoor Set Up
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If you’re an avid camper, you’ll know how important it is to have a good quality set-up. You need everything from tents, swags, sleeping bags, and pillows right through to esky, chairs and camping tables to make your outdoor adventure one for the books.

Depending on your camping style (tent, rooftop camper, caravan etc.), finding the right camping equipment can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to bigger items like camping tables. A good outdoor table should be sturdy, portable and stored easily, as well as being functional for your camping needs e.g. a four-seater or six-seater, cupholders (for the booze) or even come with a sink. 

These days you can also find tables made from a variety of materials like aluminium, canvas and timber, so you can find one that’s also easy on the eyes and will last you a few years. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a bunch of high quality, compact camp tables that can be delivered straight to your door. 

The best folding tables:

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REDCAMP Folding Camping Table ($88.64)

If your main priority is something that can be easily folded down to fit into the back of your car, caravan, or perhaps your storage shed (when it’s not in use), then a folding table is the way to go for utmost space efficiency. Whether you need a longer family-sized six-seater that’s height adjustable like this Coleman Deluxe Utility Table ($44.90) or this stunning picnic-esque Benewin Folding Wood Table ($359), we’ve got you covered. If you’re after something smaller, or something smaller this two-person FE Active Folding Table ($54.99) might be better suited to your needs or perhaps this REDCAMP Folding Camping Table ($88.64)? Either way, you’re well and truly spoilt for choice with these highly-rated options. 

The best table and chairs sets:

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Rogours Wing Cooler Box Foldable Table ($149.99)

You can only imagine the amount of space it takes to fit a table, and a bunch of individual camp chairs in the back of your vehicle — let alone all your luggage, especially if you’re a serial over-packer, like me. That’s why, sometimes, it pays to just buy a super compact table and chair combo in one. The best part about doing this (aside from it being super space efficient), is that the chairs all match. That way, if you’re camping with a bunch of other families and friends, you’ll know which chairs belong to who when it comes time to pack up.

Some top picks that cater for four-people include the Portable Folding Outdoor Camping Picnic BBQ Table ($75) that offers a super sturdy, but lightweight structure or the Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella Combo ($117.12) that comes with an umbrella to block out UV, which is a must-have in the Aussie summer heat. Both of these sets also double as great beach essentials if you’re taking some snags and beers down to the ocean and need a place to sit. 

If you’re a party of two and don’t want to lug around a big four-seater, this Levede Camping Table/Chair Set ($58.95) fits a pair perfectly and offers the same sturdy, but lightweight structure as its bigger counterparts. If you want something more bougie and are willing to spend, this Rogours Wing Cooler Box Foldable Table ($149.99) fits two and comes with a built-in table cooler to store your refrigerated goods (AKA that charcuterie board you’re planning on bringing to the bush). 

The best small camping tables:

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Naturehike Folding Camping Table ($120.34)

For anyone camping solo, those family-sized tables and the double-seaters aren’t going to cut it for your one man (or woman) show. That’s why, we thought it’d be only fair to include some smaller, more petite ones like this AIMEZO Folding Camping Table ($27.99) and this Sfee Folding Camping Table ($42.27). If you’re after one with added features like cupholders, though, try this Naturehike Folding Camping Table ($120.34). Alternatively, if tables that offer adjustable height capabilities are more your style, you can try this PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable Picnic Camping Table ($156.21). 

The best aluminium camp tables:

20 Practical Camping Tables That’ll Complete Your Outdoor Set Up

Trekology Portable Aluminum Camping Table ($39.99)

Unlike wooden or nylon-top portable tables, aluminium table tops are waterproof, weather-resistant and super easy to wipe down after you’ve used them. Their compact nature also makes these trusty things suitable for a range of activities outside of camping alone including, BBQs, backpacking, fishing, picnics and more. The sturdy aluminium frame even supports heavy tasks such as cutting and cooking if you feel so inclined. Bonus points for looking really snazzy and sleek, too.

If you’re after a smaller one, try the trusty Trekology Portable Aluminum Camping Table ($39.99), ALPS Mountaineering Camp Table ($89.76) or this Folding Collapsible Camping Table ($84.95) that comes with extra under-table storage. If you need something a bit bigger, this Weisshorn Folding Camping Table Portable Camp Table ($51.95) does the trick, and also comes with a roll-up top to take its portability to a new level. 

The best kitchen camp tables:

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KingCamp Portable Bamboo Kitchen Table ($811.34)

For all you folks out there who are serious about your camping endeavours (yes I’m talking about those of you who head out into the bush at any spare public holiday you get), it could be time to invest in an outdoor kitchen table. Think — a portable version of your kitchen bench. The difference between these babies and regular camping tables is that they offer a lot more bench space and often come with several different storage compartments to put dishes in, or non-perishables. That way, when you go to cook your meals, everything is in one place.

If you want to start small with something basic that offers sturdy chopping space and a bit of storage, we suggest the Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen Table ($156.40) or the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp ($258.40). For those of you who like the sound of extra enclosed storage compartments, try the Outdoor Camping Kitchen Cooking Table ($127.99) instead.

Now, by no means is this an essential, but if you’re feeling bougie, this epic KingCamp Portable Bamboo Kitchen Table ($811.34) offers the same benefits as our cheaper options (including optimal bench space and storage), but also boasts a built-in sink so you can wash up post-BBQ. Who said roughing it couldn’t be luxe, too?

Alternatively, you can find collapsable camping sinks to go with the above tables here. Happy camping! 

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