The 11 Best Reusable Cutlery Sets So You Never Have to Fight for the Office Fork Again

The 11 Best Reusable Cutlery Sets So You Never Have to Fight for the Office Fork Again
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Anyone who loves to bring their lunch to work will know the imminent dread that comes with forgetting your fork, followed by the jarring realisation that you’ll have to scour the entire office kitchen (or worse, wash one of someone else’s dirty ones) just to scoff down your noodles. That’s where investing in your own reusable cutlery sets is a literal godsend. 

Now, it’s not only inside the office that we should be concerned about. For anyone who’s an avid camper, you’ll know that the key to a good time in the wilderness is having the right setup. It’s one of those hobbies that’s more of a long-term investment than a fleeting interest. Of course, you need to start with the essentials; a tent, swags, sleeping bags, pillowseskychairstables etc. before slowly adding things like camping stoves and reusable cutlery sets, but it’s those little additions (like the proper cutlery) that make camping a hassle-free activity. 

It’s also just common sense that switching to sustainable and reusable products like cutlery and tableware when you go to work or travel will also help divert millions of kilos of single-use plastic from landfills each year. Plus, if you’re camping out in nature, it only feels right to do your bit for mother earth. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some budget-friendly reusable cutlery sets that you can get delivered to your door in Australia. There is something for everyone, from solo sets to sets that feed the whole family. 

Single reusable cutlery sets:

V SSS Mart Premium Quality Portable Cutlery Set ($6.99)

Single cutlery sets are designed for busy people who want to avoid using single-use plastic cutlery. They’re also great additions to your work or school bag, especially if you’re a fan of bringing last night’s leftovers in for lunch the next day because who wants to eat off those dirty office forks at the bottom of the communal cutlery draw anyway?!

This Boundless Voyage Cutlery Set ($33) and this Joseph Joseph GoEat Compact Stainless-Steel Cutlery Set ($23) are great starter packs, both fitted with a fork, spoon, knife, spork, and carry case.

On the same beat, this JR INTL Portable Stainless Steel Cutlery Set ($14.95) is made from long-lasting stainless steel and comes with the same utensils as the Voyage and Joseph Joseph Set, but with the addition of chopsticks, a metal straw and a straw cleaner. This is a game-changer if you’re a morning smoothie drinker. 

If you’ve got kids, it’s also worth getting them a little set for their school bags so you don’t have to worry about one of your kitchen forks going missing. This mini V SSS Mart Premium Quality Portable Cutlery Set ($6.99) is super basic and just comes with the essentials, aka a fork, knife and spoon. It also comes in a bunch of different colours (pink, purple, beige and blue) to add a bit of extra novelty — as well as differentiation, so you don’t get mixed up between whose is who. 

As we mentioned before, outside of work and school lunches, if you’re a camper, it’s also worth having a mini kit on hand for your solo camping adventures.  These Kesoto Outdoor Camping Folding Cutlery Set ($12.99) are indestructible and get bonus points for being foldable, making them super easy to pack away and transport. 

Family-sized reusable cutlery sets for camping/travel:

reusable cutlery

Coleman Rugged 12 Piece Stainless Steel Utensil Set ($19)

Switching to sustainable and reusable products like cutlery and tableware when you go camping keeps things stress-free for you and is better for the environment. You can get sets that cater to couples, like this Camping Silverware Set ($49.97) or this UPTRUST 2 Set Reusable Travel Utensils Set ($34.12). For families and larger groups, this Coleman Rugged 12 Piece Stainless Steel Utensil Set ($19) and this Campfire Traveller’s Cutlery Set ($37.99) work a treat. They also all come with roll-up bags to store them in — win-win!

If you have a caravan or a full-blown camping kitchen set-up, it might be worth getting something you can slot into your draws or dish rack while on the road. This Wanderer Cylinder Cutlery Set 16-Piece ($34.99) works a treat. Otherwise, this quirky Zilpoo Flatware Plastic Tray with Hinged Lid ($63.34) is also a great option (and while we’re here — the container helps keeps the bugs out, too). 

On that note, don’t forget your reusable coffee cup either!

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