McDonald’s Spicy New Menu Items Are Coming in Hot

McDonald’s Spicy New Menu Items Are Coming in Hot
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McDonald’s fans get excited because some spicy new meal options are coming your way. Macca’s is extending its popular spicy chicken range with two new menu items and one returning favourite.

The Double McSpicy, Spicy McPieces and Chicken & Bacon McSpicy will be on offer at McDonald’s restaurants from October 20.

McDonald’s promises these new items bring big and bold new flavours and they’re not for the faint of heart (ahem, me). The McSpicy is the hottest burger on the Maccas menu so prepare to feel the heat.

Here’s a delicious-looking breakdown of each of these hot new menu items

What are McDonald’s McSpicy new meals?

Double McSpicy (new) 

mcdonalds double mcspicy
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Think the original McSpicy (aka chicken patty, lettuce and creamy McChicken sauce) but with double the spice and double the crunch.

Chicken & Bacon McSpicy (returning)

mcspicy cheese and bacon
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This one is the same as your traditional fiery McSpicy with the added deliciousness of crispy bacon and Aussie Jack cheese.

Spicy McPieces (new)

mcdonalds mcpieces
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If you’re just after a spicy snack, look no further than the Spicy McPieces. These are chicken breast pieces covered in that special spicy coating.

Oh, and did we mention all the new meals use 100% Australian RSPCA approved chicken? You love to see it.

“Since introducing the McSpicy burger late last year, our customers have embraced Macca’s unique spicy chicken flavour.” Lancy Huynh, Group Brand Manager for McDonald’s Australia said.

“Featuring our signature, succulent McSpicy chicken patty and famous McChicken sauce, the range is perfect for spice lovers who are looking for that extra kick at lunch, dinner or a snack in between.”

The new items are only available for a limited time, from October 20 – November 30, in Maccas restaurants and via McDelivery. That gives you a little over a month to grab these new dishes while they’re hot.

If you’re keen to give these new McSpicy’s a try but aren’t all that great with the chilli factor, here are some tips that might help you survive.

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