Epic PS5 Gear and Games You Can Shop on Amazon

Epic PS5 Gear and Games You Can Shop on Amazon
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Sony’s PlayStation 5 has opened up a whole new world of gaming possibilities. While the console itself is just a little bit popular right now it’s not just hardware you’ll need when buying a PS5.

Amazon Australia is home to pretty much anything you could ask for in relation to the PS5. Games, accessories, headsets, sometimes even the console itself, can all be found on Amazon. Plus, if you’re a Prime member you’ll often get free shipping with it too.

Here’s a bunch of PS5 gear you can find right now on Amazon.

PS5 Consoles on Amazon

If you’ve decided that the PS5 is the console for you then the unfortunate news is that they are like needles in a haystack right now. However, Amazon Australia does frequently and unexpectedly do stock drops of the console.

As for the PS5’s price, you’re looking at $749 for the standard edition and $599 for the digital edition, which comes without a disc drive.

If you’re keen on getting a PS5 on Amazon it’s probably a good idea to bookmark these links.

If you’re looking for other places to find a PS5 you can check out our round-up.

PS5 accessories

There’s no shortage of PS5 accessories on Amazon.

From PS5 controllers, which have just been released in fresh new colours, to headsets or chargers, you’ll find everything you need online.

If you’re after other items to upgrade your gaming set up it’s worth considering some external hard drives to boost your PS5’s storage.

PS5 games

If you’ve secured a shiny new PS5 you’re undoubtedly going to be after some games to play on it.

PS5s are backwards compatible which means all your favourite PS4 games are also playable on PS5. Some games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Cyberpunk 2077 will even offer free PS5 upgrades from the PS4 version which saves you dropping extra money on the more expensive editions.

That being said, PS5 optimised games have the advantage of new features like the DualSense controller’s feedback and advanced loading times so it’s usually worth going for the PS5 version if you have a choice.

Here are some PS5 games you can order on Amazon now

It’s also worth investing in a PlayStation Plus membership which will allow you to play your games online and get a free PS5 game every month.

PlayStation 5 games available for pre-order

The PS5 already has plenty of great games on offer, not to mention the entire back catalogue of PS4 games, but there are plenty more exciting releases on the way.

If you’re keen on getting your shiny new PS5 game as soon as possible Amazon is typically one of the best places to order from. The site usually offers one of the most competitive prices and will ship free of charge.

Plus you won’t be charged until the order has shipped so if the price drops before release you’re guaranteed to get the cheapest option.

Here are some of the upcoming PS5 games you can order on Amazon now:

It’s early days for the PS5, and there are plenty more great games coming down the pipe that you can also pre-order now on Amazon. And if you’ve managed to get your hands on a console and have some games (or gear) you’re particularly enjoying let us know what you’re loving in the comments below!

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