We Now Have Beer That Tastes like Chocolate Bullets

We Now Have Beer That Tastes like Chocolate Bullets
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It’s been billed as the ultimate Father’s Day drop. Darrell Lea has teamed up with Nomad Brewing Co to create the Darrell Lea Batch 37 Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout. Yes, a beer that tastes like chocolate bullets.

“Every Father’s Day, our liquorice range, including the iconic Batch 37 and Bullets, are Aussies’ top choice for gifting. Many dads are big fans of our liquorice products, and what better way to say cheers to our dads than combining two of their favourite things?” Darrell Lea’s general manager of marketing, Johanna Campbell, said in a press release.

Sounds great, right, combining two great loves? But then trifle also sounds like a good idea but when you combine all those delicious individual ingredients into one giant bowl you lose me. So I was intrigued to see how this Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout stacked up.

The beautifully illustrated can (I nerd out on this stuff) reads: “Beautifully bitter dark chocolate liquorice shout. Rich, creamy and infused with real Darrell Lea’s famous liquorice and a hint of natural liquorice flavour.”

Sounds intense, even for a mad stout beer fan like me.

But this Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout won me over from the very first sip. To quote myself (and yes, I did gasp out loud): “Oh my god YUM!”

It’s got a beautiful dark colour and thick head like a classic stout when you pour it into a glass.

You can smell the liquorice when you bring the glass up to your mouth but the taste isn’t as strong as you’d expect. There’s also a delightful hint of chocolate. It would be perfect served with a hearty stew or an epic burger with thick-cut chips.

But you don’t want to guzzle it — this stout is 6% alcohol and each 440mL can is more than two standard drinks. Plus a 4-pack will set you back $45.

Even though I’m a big Guinness fan (even when I cop a ribbing for ordering it in the height of summer), I reckon this Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout is a good entry point if you’ve never tried dark beer been before.

It also works a treat paired with actual liquorice bullets, so you could serve it as a dessert and I wouldn’t complain at all.

The Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout is available from select bottle shops across Australia or via the Nomad Brewing Co website.

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