You Can Save $600 on Telstra’s Extra Large Plan

You Can Save $600 on Telstra’s Extra Large Plan
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If you’re someone who needs a lot of phone data every month and loves a good bargain, does Telstra have a deal for you.

The telco has slashed an impressive $50 per month off of its Extra Large plan. That means you can get a huge 180GB of data for only $65 per month, instead of the usual $115.

This is one of the best mobile deals that Telstra have offered recently, and a great way to get yourself a lot of data while saving yourself a bit of cash.

This discount period lasts for the first 12 months you’re with Telstra, after which it will jump back up to the full monthly bill. You’ll save yourself $600, all up. This plan is also contract free so you can swap to a different Telstra plan or give it the flick once the discount is over.

This offer is available until March 1, and you can check out the more nitty gritty details for it below:

It probably goes without saying that 180GB data a month for $65 is an impressive deal. When compared to other plans within the same price range the Extra Large plan offers 80GB to 120GB more data.

This Telstra mobile deal is only bested by Vodafone and Optus which are both offering 500GB of data for $60/month and $65/month, respectively.

If you’re happy with your current handset, you’re able to pick up this deal as a SIM only plan. If you’re also in the market for a new phone, you’re also able to pair it with a new handset. You’re able to swap this plan for a less expensive one once the 12 month discount period ends.

You can check out a few phones plan below: