How to Save $50 Each Month on Telstra’s Biggest Mobile Plan

How to Save $50 Each Month on Telstra’s Biggest Mobile Plan
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If you’ve been looking for a mobile plan with a tonne of data for cheap, Telstra have recently slashed the monthly price of their XL mobile plan by a mammoth amount. What was once their most expensive mobile plan is now their second cheapest.

What is usually $115 per month for 180GB of data, the plan’s price has been brought down to $65 per month. That’s a saving of $50 each month, adding up to a solid $600 over the course of 12 months.

When you compare it to the standard $65 per month plan, which has 80GB of data, you can see how it stacks up in terms of value. You’ll be getting over double the data for the same price.

As an added bonus, this plan will also give you three months of Binge (standard) for free.

This offer is available until November 16, 2020, so you’ve got a few weeks to mull it over. The plan is only valid for the first 12 months you have it, but there’s no lock-in contract so you can give it the flick when that discount period ends.

Check out the plan here:

Here’s how it compares to Telstra’s range of SIM-only plans:

If you’re looking for a new phone, here’s a selection of devices paired with the plan. Considering the amount of money you can save with this Telstra plan, pairing it with a brand new iPhone 12 is a pretty attractive deal.

“We’re giving customers more data for less with this offer and it’s perfectly timed as new 5G devices hit the market so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves and see why it’s Australia’s best 5G,” a Telstra spokesperson said in a press release.

 “With Telstra 5G now available in more than 60 cities and towns, along with more 5G devices hitting the market, this offer is perfectly timed. Telstra is giving customers a big discount on big data allowances for the next 12 months so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves.”


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