All the Best Mobile and NBN Deals on Offer With Telstra Right Now

All the Best Mobile and NBN Deals on Offer With Telstra Right Now
Contributor: Alex Choros
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Telstra has a reputation as Australia’s priciest telco, and for good reason – its plans aren’t exactly cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t nab a bargain on Big T. While it might be a premium provider, Telstra is still partial to a good old-fashioned discount. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the best Telstra deals available right now.

Telstra mobile deals

Telstra is currently offering a $50 per month discount on its Extra Large 180GB plan, which brings it down to $65 per month for your first year with Telstra. That’s a $600 saving.

You’ll pay $115 per month after your first year is up, but since the plan is contract-free, you can always downgrade to a cheaper plan or leave Big T entirely.

In addition to unlimited talk and text, this plan comes with unlimited standard international texts to any country and 30 minutes of international calls.

This plan can also be paired with a new phone. Here’s a couple of popular options available on Telstra:

This offer is available until June 1.

Telstra devices deals

Telstra isn’t doing a whole lot in the device deals space right now, but will throw in a bonus 40,000 Telstra Plus points if you purchase an iPhone XR, Galaxy A52 5G, or Galaxy A32 5G on a plan. The plan has to be Medium or above for the iPhone XR, but all plans are eligible for the pair of Galaxies. The iPhone XR and Galaxy A32 5G are also $30 off right now.

Telstra Plus points can be redeemed for gadgets (or discounted on gadgets) through the Telstra Plus Rewards Store. 15,000 points gets you a single AirTag, 20,000 points gets you a Google Nest mini, or 53,000 points is enough for a HomePod mini, for example. If you only have the 40,000 from the promotion, you can pay $37 to cover the remaining amount on the HomePod mini.

Here are Telstra’s plans for the iPhone XR, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A32 5G:

These offers are available until May 10.

Telstra NBN deals

Telstra is currently running discounts on all its NBN 100 plans faster than 100Mbps.

You can save $20 per month on Telstra’s NBN 100 plan for your first six months, bringing it down to $90 per month for the initial period. If you’re lucky enough to have a connection that supports faster speed tiers, you can save $50 per month on Telstra’s NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plan, once again, for your first six months. This brings them down to $90 per month and $130 per month, respectively.

Only FTTP and HFC connections can get plans faster than NBN 100 right now. All FTTP connections can get either plan, while 97% of HFC premises can get NBN 250 and 58% can get NBN 1000. NBN Co expects that 94% of HFC premises will be able to get NBN 1000 plans by the end of the year.

You’ll also get a three-month free subscription to Binge, and won’t pay the $99 connection fee if you sign-up online.

While Telstra NBN plans are contract-free, you’ll pay a prorated modem fee if you leave within your first 24 months. This is equivalent to $9 for each month left in your two-year term.

These offers are available until June 30.

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