The Bitter Peach Is My Birthday Drink of Choice

The Bitter Peach Is My Birthday Drink of Choice
Photo: Claire Lower

I am writing this instalment of 3-Ingredient Happy Hour three whole days before it will publish. As I write this, I am 33. Tomorrow, I will be 34. When you read this, I will have been 34 for two days. That is how time works — it marches on, waiting for no one (not even Mick Jagger, another notable Leo).

Thanks to … everything, my original birthday plan to do a big Russian disco-focused DJ set at my favourite bar is not happening, but it’s hard to prevent a Leo from celebrating themselves (and I am a double Leo). By “celebrating,” I simply mean taking Twitter off my phone for a few days and drinking drinks in the sunshine. Perhaps I will sit amongst some nature. Perhaps I will stay inside and watch Star Trek.

Drink-wise, you know I like low-effort libations that feel festive but require very little work from me. I also like Campari and bubbles. Combine these these two with a little peach liqueur — to commemorate my summer birthday — and we have a complete cocktail that is the perfect balance of sweet, bitter, and bubbly. It’s also pink, which is fun to look at. To make the Bitter Peach — the official cocktail of Claire’s 34th birthday — you will need:

  • 15mL Campari
  • 15mL peach liqueur
  • 90-120mL Champagne or some other sparkling wine

For best results, chill everything — not just the champagne — then pour the first two ingredients into a chilled coupe of Champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine, toast to me and my achievements, then repeat until the bubbly is all gone.

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