Celebrate My Birthday With This Bitter, Herbaceous Beverage

Celebrate My Birthday With This Bitter, Herbaceous Beverage
Photo: Claire Lower

I have been celebrating my birthday since Sunday, and it has involved a not insignificant amount of drinking. I’ve had margaritas in Mississippi, a Viuex Carré at Carousel Bar and a really dank grasshopper here in Portland. And now — in typical Leo fashion — I’m asking you to continue celebrating with me with a few of my favourite things.

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Video: Dirty martinis made me the gin drinker I am today, and for that I owe them a debt. And though I now prefer a simple five-to-one ratio of gin to vermouth (with an olive), I still get a hankering for a dirty boi from time to time.

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Technically, you do not have to drink what I’m drinking to celebrate, but maybe you should. This cocktail — which we might as well call “My Favourite Things” — is basically a white Negroni, but made with aquavit instead of gin. It has all of that bittersweet, grassy gentian goodness, with notes of caraway and dill.

There’s a lot going on but, just as with the Dorito, this simply means one flavour isn’t on the tongue for too long. It is also quite strong, which is good for celebrating, and yellow, which happens to be a colour I look very good in. To make it, you will need:

  • 44ml aquavit
  • 22ml Avèze
  • 22ml dry vermouth

Pour everything into a glass filled with ice and stir until completely chilled and diluted (at least 60 stirs). Strain into a coupe, and toast to me if you are so inclined.

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