Photo: Claire Lower

Kick Off the Week With an Ice Cold Obituary

Anise is a dark, dangerous, nihilistic flavour. Maybe it’s because I’m used to drinking and seeing other people drink absinthe at the local goth bar, or maybe it’s because absinthe was illegal in the U.S. until 2007 (the year I turned 21), but it does not surprise me that this…

Photo: Claire Lower

We’re Drinking Corn Milk Punch Now

“What is up with you and corn lately?” my boyfriend asked me this morning, quite rudely. It was not yet nine o’clock, and I had just announced I would be making a corn milk punch (for work), thus continuing my 2020 Cornpaign for Cornplete Cornification (in the face of much…

Photo: Claire Lower

Make a Dark and Moody Whiskey Lemonade With Cassis

My bar cart is a crowded, chaotic piece of furniture. At the front, we have the stuff I use on a near-constant basis — gin, Campari, bourbon, and rye — but things get little more esoteric towards the back. As you make your way deeper into my collection of ethanol,…