Do These Prison-Style Exercises at Home

Do These Prison-Style Exercises at Home

Need a workout you can do when you’re stuck in one place with no gear? Ask a former prisoner.

You can get fit by running outdoors, or by exercising at a fancy gym, but in the end all your muscles care about is that they got to contract a bunch of times.

This is why if you’re uncomfortable going to the gym because of COVID-19 concerns or if you’re living in lockdown, there’s no need to despair. If you’re after a solid home workout without the hassle and fuss of using equipment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Coss Marte mastered the no-equipment workout while serving time in a 9×6 prison cell, and now teaches those moves at ConBody. In this video, he’ll show you five exercises you can do in any space: push-ups, mountain climbers, sit-and-stands, squat thrusts, and squat jumps. String them together in a circuit for a full-body workout.

It’s the perfect no-equipment workout for any of us couped up in the house during the times of corona.

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