Haptic Touch Is The Most Underrated Feature In iOS

Haptic Touch Is The Most Underrated Feature In iOS

We should all be using haptic touch on our iPhones. It’s simply the easiest way to quickly access common tasks, from creating a reminder to switching between Bluetooth devices. In the video above, I share some of the ways I use haptic touch every single day.

Super-powered control centre

The control centre in iOS is already extremely useful, but haptic touch reveals oodles of functionality hidden under the hood. Most icons in the control centre have added functionality when haptic-touched (is that a verb?). Everything from setting the brightness of the flashlight to quickly changing your wifi to activating Night Shift can be achieved without ever leaving the control centre.

App shortcuts

Many apps support haptic touch shortcuts. Pressing down on apps like Weather or Twitter will bring up a submenu of common tasks. I use this all the time to do things like quickly add tasks to ToDoist, instantly start a Google search or scan documents into Notes. Definitely try haptic press on all of your favourite apps. You might be surprised to find some really handy shortcuts.

Typing cursor

I mentioned this in a previous Quick Fix episode, but it’s worth repeating: Using haptic touch on the space bar is simply the easiest way to move that annoying little typing cursor around.


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