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Of course, you may not need all 60 of these, but knowing them will make you flexible, fast, and ready to work with whatever tool you're presented with, whether it's a Windows PC, a Mac, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Powerpoint slideshow. Plus, there are extras in here for Gmail and Chrome to boot.


There are many ways to open a new window or instance of an application. Simply selecting it again from the programs list; right-clicking its icon on the taskbar and using the context menu; or typing its name into the Start Menu search box... the list goes on. But they're all less convenient and slower than using Shift or the middle mouse button.


Store-bought broths and stocks are certainly convenient, but they lack the silky texture and mouthfeel that you get from simmering bones for hours on end, extracting all of that wonderful collagen. To make the box stuff taste and feel more homemade, just add a little gelatin.


Eating well when you're extremely busy can be challenging, but turning to fast food or highly-processed convenience meals — or worse, not eating at all — only compounds the problem. Embracing a few of the shortcuts below can help keep you fed and nourished while cutting down on time and effort.