Reminder: Aussie Broadband Customers Can Kick Their Connection

Reminder: Aussie Broadband Customers Can Kick Their Connection
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A dodgy home internet connection is just expected if you’re living in Australia. When it works, it works reasonably well but when it doesn’t, you’ll spend minutes and sometimes hours trying to figure out if the problem is you, your ISP or the NBN. Aussie Broadband has a solution available to give customers a chance to fix the service themselves before resorting to more drastic measures.

Aussie Broadband offers its customers a solution to solve internet interruptions by giving them a switch to ‘kick’ their connection. Built into the MyAussie app, a connection ‘kick’ acts like a remotely-controlled fresh reboot but even more powerful. Rather than just the old switch on, switch off method for your modem when it’s playing up, the ‘kick’ will restart everything all the way through the network.

It might not be able to solve any major issues, but most minor issues could likely be resolved through this ultimate switch.

The kick solution was built by the ISP’s in-house development team in 45 days and is available to customers who use the MyAussie app, according to Aussie Broadband.

How do I ‘kick’ my internet?

To ‘kick’ your connection on Aussie Broadband, you’ll first need the MyAussie app. Select your Service Tests and then choose Kick Connection. Doing this will completely reset your connection and will force your devices to re-authenticate with the network. It’s a minor inconvenience for what might likely solve your issues.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

” excerpt=”While many Retail Service Providers (RSPs) have had their reputations tarnished through the rollout of the NBN, one company seems to have thrived. Aussie Broadband, which was formed through the amalgamation of Wideband Networks and Westvic Broadband, is often mentioned in positive terms by customers saying their service and performance are excellent. But what about value for money? Let’s see how Aussie Broadband’s plans stack up against some of the big boys.”]


  • You do not need to install an app to utilise the new Kick feature.
    You can access the same functionality by logging into your account on the Aussie Broadband website.

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