Are Aussie Broadband’s New NBN Plans Worth The Money?

Are Aussie Broadband’s New NBN Plans Worth The Money?
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Aussie Broadband has announced a change to its NBN plans to enable all your data-sinking habits. Included in the lineup are two new wholesale packages allowing you to sacrifice upload speeds with fast download speeds for just a fraction of the price. Here’s what’s on offer.

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What’s new about Aussie Broadband’s plans?

With the NBN announcing it’s got new wholesale packages for internet service providers (ISPs) to pass on to customers, Aussie Broadband is taking full advantage. It’s offering two new deals on its 100Mbs and 250Mbs download packages with reduced upload costs to make it more affordable.

While it will still offer its 250/100 plans for $250 a month, you’ll now also have the choice of a 250/25 plan for $169. Additionally, the 100/40 plans will remain for $99 per month but if you were happy with just the 100/20, you could pay $89 instead.

“This option has half the upload speed but it’s more than 10 percent cheaper than the current 100/40 plan, coming in at $89,” Aussie Broadband’s managing director, Phillip Britt, said in a press release.

“Ultimately, these new higher speed plans provide an alternative affordable option for customers who don’t need to upload large files, documents or videos. Upload capacity is often more useful for small business owners like graphic designers or game designers, so we’ve kept it available in our small business plans.”

Give me the deals

If you’re not super concerned with having impressive upload speeds but love having a fast download speed (who doesn’t?), then the new 250/25 or 100/20 plans will likely suit you well. Remember, those are peak speeds, however, so if 20Mbs is cutting it fine, the reality is likely to be a bit less than that. Either way, check out the deals below if you’re looking to change up your internet plans.

Enjoy that sweet, sweet streaming without buffering. You deserve it this Christmas.

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