How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

There’s no housekeeping task more defeating in nature than attempting to neatly fold a fitted sheet after it’s been washed.

If you’ve managed to defer this hair-pulling task to parents or housemates in the past, well done, but eventually that negative karmic energy will come back to haunt you (I hope). For the rest of us searching for a simple solution, we’ve managed to come up with one that, while not perfect, will make this monstrous task a little less stressful.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Use This Fitted-Sheet Hack The Next Time You’re Making Your Bed” excerpt=”Every Sunday, I wage a war on my fitted sheet as I attempt to put it on my mattress, struggling to fit it around one corner as it pops off another.”]

Full disclosure, there are much better and more artistic ways to fold a fitted sheet, but this is the least complicated version.

First, make a rectangle

This is the hardest part but if you push through and come out the other end, you’ll be the 2.0 version of yourself. Find one of the fitted sheet’s corners, fold it inside out with the stitching facing out and then pop it inside the nearest corner (which isn’t inside out). If you repeat on the other short side, you should a fitted sheet somewhat resembling a rectangle.

It’s time for expert folding

Now that you have a neat-ish rectangle shape, the folding and storing part is a breeze. You have a few options here but you can go for the classic rectangle fold so it fits in with your other sheets.

Or you can do something drastic and seldom seen in the fitting sheet folders’ scene: a rolled-up version. To do that, just roll it up like it was a sleeping bag from your eighth grade camping trip and that way you’ll be able to avoid most creases when it’s time to but it back on the mattress.

You did it

Welcome to the expert fitting sheet folders club. It’s still a pretty exclusive club but once you’re in it, you’re in it for life.


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